Monday, January 23, 2017

Alien Hand & Skull Found in Peru — Skull Tests: 'Clearly Not Human'


More and more alien evidence is been located of this nature.  What i find troublesome is the ongoing lack of scientific curiosity.  My reason for this is that an alien genome can act as a Rosetta stone to help understand our own Terran genome.  We now have this and we have the Starchild skull as well.

   That happens to be a pretty good start.  then we have the large collection of enlarged skulls also proving out to be non human.

We now have an increasing mass of hard evidence available for detailed DNA work.  It is long overdue for a major DNA program worth several millions of dollars to be devoted to this.

Alien Hand Skull Found in Peru — Skull Tests: 'Clearly Not Human'

Though easy, initially, to call fake, a Hollywood prop or whatever, the above artifact was seen by us in person recently in Cusco Peru. 

It was presented to us, along with a small mummified elongated humanoid skull and body by a local person.

X rays of the “hand” (below) show that each of the 3 fingers has 6 bones, while a human hand has 3. Once again, as with the skull, physicians in Cusco determined that clearly this is not the hand of a human, but is made up of bone and skin.

They were unable to determine what kind of life form it is, or was.

The detailed photo of one of the ends of the fingers (below) shows the skin as well as a fingernail which is surprisingly human looking.

The keeper of this and other artifacts does not want to sell them, he simply wants to know what they are.

Another x-ray of the ends of the fingers shows that under the skin there are well defined bones, looking quite mammalian.

The artifacts were found in a secret location, in a tunnel in the southern desert of Peru; more details and perhaps artifacts will be discussed when available.

Above is the skull; it was x-rayed and examined by physicians here in Cusco who stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind. — Read more about the finding here.

The skull is composed of bone and skin of some sort. Plans are in the works for radiocarbon and DNA testing early in 2017 in the US.

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