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Alphabet labeled “Creek” appears to be Uchee or Bronze Age letters

Alphabet labeled “Creek” appears to be Uchee or Bronze Age letters

 The Bronze age saw a proliferation of useful scripts and writing methods often unique to even small polities.  The special innovation of The Greek alphabet revolutionized the whole process and allowed a hugely enhanced system of communication.  Yet that arose at the end of the Bronze Age and the collapse likely sped the adoption of the useful Greek system.

Thus we have snippets of script but a lack of a general system when one should exist.  After all we had worldwide commerce.  Most likely the sailing caste simply had their own special script.

It really confirms that the Atlantean world lacked true central command and control which is strongly indicated by the evidence at hand. It was a trade culture held together and operated by sea captains who helped establish trade factories where possible..


Alphabet labeled “Creek” appears to be Uchee or Bronze Age letters

Posted by Richard Thornton | Jan 1, 2017

In an article published on December 18, 2016 in the People of One Fire, we presented a mysterious document on the web that was labeled “Creek writing found in Georgia.” It did not seem to match the 1735 description of the Apalache-Creek writing system, which British scholars described as “peculiar red and white characters, unlike any known writing system in the world.” Since the Apalache were vassals of the Itsate for several hundred years, their writing system is more likely to have resembled Post Classic Itza Maya script. 

The image presented may be reversed. However, several Bronze Age writing systems did write from right to left and left to write in alternating lines. Without knowing what language the letters represent, it is difficult to extrapolate more factual information from the document. 

Analysis by several People of One Fire readers suggests that this alphabet most closely matches a writing system, used during the Bronze Age in Southwestern Iberia and on the Atlantic Coast of France. This alphabet evolved from the earliest Phoenician alphabet, but has more letters than Phoenician. 

The Uchee claim to have come from the “Home of the Sun” and crossed the Atlantic to land in the region near the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers in Georgia. Therefore, this writing system is most likely associated with the Uchees, not the Highland Apalache or their descendant, the Creek Indians.
Below are the same letters as above, but reversed.


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