Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Z-DAY APPROACHES as Russia prepares massive assault wave against Ukraine and NATO

This should be against whatever strong pont or sector the Ukrainians have created.  That army has been largely buttoned up to a front line and invited to concentrate.  They are not well dug in and the Russian infantry will be advancing clse behind an advancing artillary bombardment.

This should allow the bulk of the Ukranian army to be over run if they get the strogest forces first.  By the way, if the Ukraine had an answer to massed Russian artiullary, we would already have seen it.

Expect the Ukraine to start screaming for an armistice quickly as their best units are degraded.

I also assume by now, that the Russians have got their equipment operational enough to avoid easy ki0lls.  They have had the time.  Russian soldiers have has at least three months of training and can survive the battle field.

Z-DAY APPROACHES as Russia prepares massive assault wave against Ukraine and NATO

Friday, February 10, 2023 by: Mike Adams


(Natural News) All signs point to a Russian offensive moving against Ukraine within the next 20 days. This offensive will be much larger in size and equipment compared to the February, 2022 offensive, but it will move more slowly and methodically, avoiding Blitzkrieg tactics and instead relying on by-the-book military doctrine of a slow, steady, relentless pummeling of the enemy while gaining ground.

This offensive is being called “Z-Day” and will reportedly involve over 700 aircraft, 1,800 Russian tanks and 500,000 soldiers, all designed to take down the Zelensky regime that has functioned as a proxy for NATO’s attempts to eliminate Russia from the world map.

Importantly, with the recent revelation that the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up by the USA working with Norway, Russia is currently updating its retaliation rules to allow a first strike “preventative” attack using nuclear weapons to prevent NATO from further threatening Russia’s existence.

Former US Marine and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter just called for the arrest and criminal prosecution of Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden for masterminding the plot to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines. (See Ritter’s YouTube interview here.)

This act of terrorism, carried out by the Pentagon, CIA, US Navy and State Dept., was also an act of war against Germany, a NATO “ally.” It makes us wonder whether Germany will declare an Article 5 violation and demand that other NATO countries attack the USA for its act of war against Germany.

In any case, Russia is on the verge of launching both a major offensive against Ukraine and also — potentially — a “preventative” nuclear strike against the USA and NATO targets across Europe.

Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences, and the USA may have only weeks remaining before we find ourselves in a global nuclear conflict from which no one emerges unscathed.

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