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Field-effect antigravity flight engine

Here is some patent work and they seem to be inspired ancient indian Science.Understand that the USA military had a gravity device by 1955.  UFO observation help track our device delopment.

I now think that the knowledge freeze has been lifted and these patents are no longer made DARK.

That tells me we may well see small craft about.

Field-effect antigravity flight engine


The invention relates to a field-effect antigravity flight engine. Mercury is filled in an annular chamber at the periphery of a central magnetic column, generates high-temperature high-pressure fluid or plasma flow under the pressure action provided by the annular heater and a collector, and aggregates at high speed toward the cylindrical cavity at the centre of the magnetic column along the clearance between the underside of the central magnetic column and an insulating plane. In a mercury high-speed flowing process, magnetic force line are cut to generate round current or vortex current, and when mercury arrives at the cylindrical cavity at the centre, the current is maximum; then the persistently generated round current or vortex current forms current superposition, so that a sharp increasing magnetic field is formed in the cylindrical cavity at the center and continuous electromagnetic outbreak finally occurs to release energy; and the electromagnetic energy is a magnetic field column formed by a concentric round electric field and is called as an energy column, and the energy is dynamic and can be radiated outwards to transmit force and energy. The purpose of driving artificial aircrafts can be achieved by utilizing the converted energy.


Field effect antigravity flight engine
Technical field: electromagnetic power
Background technology: Theory of Electromagnetic Field

Summary of the invention:

One: the structure of field effect antigravity flight engine is made up of following five parts:
(1): cylinder shape cylinder high intensity magnet: shown in " Figure of description "; There is cylindrical cavity (cylinder) at the cylindrical magnet center; Center magnetic post and circumferential annular magnetic post are concentric structure, form toroidal cavity, and cavity top is sealed by magnet; Cylinder shape cylindrical magnet bottom is sealed by discoid insulator (like glass, pottery); Between disc and the insulation plane disc gap is arranged below the magnetic post of center, the magnetic field of whole cylinder shape magnet gets into center magnetic post by circumferential annular magnetic post via the gap between center magnetic post and the insulation plane, returns the closed-loop path that circumferential annular magnetic post forms magnetic field by magnetic post top, center magnet again.

(2): working media: liquid mercury (mercury).Mercury is very important as working media, and it is the important substance of power transfer and power conversion, has utilized conductivity, flowability, thermal expansivity and the cold shrinkage of mercury here, and the characteristic that at high temperature is prone to be transformed into plasma.

(3): gatherer: the gatherer of mercury is set in the center, top of whole cylinder shape magnet, is equivalent to the effect of a pump.Gatherer is collected the liquid mercury in the centered cylinder magnet cavity and is transported in the peripheral annular chamber of center magnetic post via the conduit that is arranged on cylinder shape magnet upper end.It needs the support of outside energy.

(4): cooler: cooler is arranged on the center between gatherer and the cylinder shape cylindrical magnet, and its effect is with the mercury vapour refrigeration liquefying in the magnetic post cylindrical cavity of center, is convenient to gatherer collection and transmission.It needs the support of outside energy.

(5): heater: heater is arranged on center magnetic post peripheral annular chamber middle part or bottom, is cirque structure; The kinetic energy that this device provides mercury to flow by gatherer and heater.It needs the support of outside energy.

Two: the operation principle of this device

This device is in the peripheral annular chamber of center magnetic post, to fill mercury, mercury under the pressure effect that ring-shaped heater and gatherer provide, the fluid or the plasma flow of generation high temperature, high pressure; Below the magnetic post of center and the gap of insulation between the plane, assemble at a high speed at the place to magnetic post central cylindrical cavity, in the flow at high speed process of mercury; Because of the cutting magnetic line acting; Produce circular electric current or vortex current, when arriving central cylindrical cavity place, electric current reaches maximum; And circular electric current or vortex current that the back continues to produce constantly get in the central cylindrical cavity, form the electric current stack, so in the central cylindrical cavity, form the magnetic field that sharply increases, the electromagnetism outburst take place finally, release energy; Energy sees through insulator to extraneous radiation or transmission with the form of electromagnetic field, forms the acting of repulsion field.The mercury that has discharged energy pushes back in the peripheral annular chamber of center magnetic post through subcooler, gatherer and conduit, recycles repeatedly.

This device is the magnetic field that produces of (cylinder) cylindrical magnet that has utilized hollow and with the special energy conversion device of mercury as electric conductor in fact, but the electromagnetic energy that this special energy conversion device discharged is the mode that breaks out through electromagnetism to extraneous radiation.According to maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetic Field: the magnetic field of variation produces electric field (or electric current) around it, and this electric field (or electric current) can produce the increase in the new original magnetic field of magnetic field cancellation again, thereby with the mode of electromagnetism field energy outwards acting and emittance; In the magnetic post cylindrical cavity of center; The mercury electric current that has discharged electromagnetic energy diminishes or disappears; Mercury is collected device and collects; Enter into recirculation flow in the peripheral annular mercury chamber of center magnetic post, can assemble again in the central cylindrical cavity, superpose forms new circular electric current or vortex current, and new electromagnetism outburst takes place.In fact, in the central cylindrical cavity, the stack of circular electric current or vortex current and generation electromagnetism break out external emittance to carry out at the same time; So continual electromagnetism outburst can take place, outside electromagnetic radiation field energy, and also this electromagnetic energy that discharges is very special again; It is the magnetic field post that is formed by the circular concentric electric field, and is tangible as bar-shaped magnet, here and be its energy post; This energy is dynamic, can radiation, transmit force and energy.Utilize this energy of being changed to reach the purpose that drives artificial aircraft.

More than be I through summary, analysis and the thinking of researching human body life science (qigong, exceptional function) knowledge and not clear aircraft (UFO) knowledge for many years, find that both have a common ground: magnetic phenomenon.Therefore I deeply convince that electromagnet phenomenon is the essence and the root of the human body qigong, exceptional function and UFO field effect flight; I deeply convince that also exceptional function and UFO have a similar desirable energy conversion device; The outside radiation electric magnetic energy of mode that this device breaks out with electromagnetism, and have phenomenons such as idea braking and antigravity.This device can also be processed multiple shape: like dish, sphere, egg type etc.

Description of drawings: Fig. 1 is a field effect antigravity flight engine schematic diagram.

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