Friday, February 3, 2023

The Rondo Heat Battery

Wow!  This is way more important than is obvious.  The trick is been able to store all that electrical power, however made at 3000 degrees.  Than stepping it down in three steps as needed.  Understand that the problem in the past was getting it high and actually converting electrical to hot enough radient heat.

All alternate power systems can be energy dumped into such heat storage alongside obvious end users.  The cement industry has been chasing alternative protocols for decades.  Of course they will jump on this.

understand that it is the high temperature that drives thermodynamic efficiency.This will certainly be the way forward for industrial heat. and perhaps we can now have universal steam heating for homes.

The Rondo Heat Battery

Low-cost, zero-emission industrial heat and power.

Zero-carbon wind and solar electricity are now lower cost than fossil fuels in many regions of the world - when the wind is blowing or the sun is out.

The Rondo Heat Battery uses electric heating elements, like those in a toaster or oven, to turn power when it’s available into high-temperature heat.

Electrical heaters (Joule heaters) convert
electrical energy into heat at 100% efficiency, and interact smoothly with grid and off-grid generation.

Low-cost, intermittent electricity turns into heat.

When power is available, the electrical heaters glow brightly and warm objects around them rapidly.

Thousands of tons of brick are heated directly by this thermal radiation, and store energy for hours or days with very low loss (less than 1% per day).

Rondo’s Heat Battery stores heat the way it’s been stored for centuries. Millions of tons of this kind of brick have been used around the world for centuries to store high-temperature heat.

Thermal radiation warms bricks at temperatures up to 1,500°C, storing heat.

Heat is delivered whenever it’s needed, on demand, start-stop or continuously.

When heat is wanted, air flows up through the brick stack and is superheated to over 1000°C. The heat delivery rate is adjusted easily by changing air flow.

Heat at the outlet is delivered at exactly the desired temperature via automated AI patented controls.

The air is eventually recycled back through the system, minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency

Heat is delivered as superheated air or as superheated steam.

Rondo delivers heat at the exact temperature and pressure to meet facility demands

The heat battery easily integrates into existing infrastructure.

The system is a drop-in, zero-emission, boiler replacement.

Air and/or steam is delivered to any industrial process 24/7

The Rondo Heat Battery is modular, scalable, and energy dense. Each individual Heat Battery delivers megawatts of heat, and larger installations are built as a battery bank.

The Rondo Heat Battery is designed to drop into existing facilities or power new-builds, and offers a fast, low-cost pathway to decarbonization and reduced operating costs.

Continuous heat from intermittent power.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Unlimited cycles and 50-year life

From calcining to cogeneration, from food processing to fuel production, Rondo’s Heat Battery delivers energy in the form needed for more than 90 percent of industrial process and power needs. Our modular units are designed to serve the unique capacity and temperature requirements of each facility, and the output is configurable to customers’ specifications.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Low-Carbon Fuels & H2
Grid Energy Storage
Power Plant Conversion Refiring for 24/7 Clean Power
Food & Beverage
District Heating
Paper & Pulp

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