Wednesday, February 22, 2023

population decline is catastrophic.

This utube item actually gets it right about just how dire the global situation itself happens to be.  I have been saying as much for years right here, but the growth meme drowned all that out.

The worst news is coming out of China as that population pool is on the way to dropping down to around 700,00,000 or half present numbers.  And quickly as well.  that is where they will certainly experience panic first.  others will all be feeling the presure.

Africa is not the exception because they are also now transitioning into modernity as well.

The fact is that we do need a global solution.  Let me make a understandable suggestion.

First off society has to support not just motherhood but also child raising as well.  In the same way we structure education, we need to structure childcare.

With that in mind, all young women upon completing grade twelve, automatically become breeders for four cycles of gestation or until they are  26.  At the same time men continue their education or training until they reach degree status or otherwise fully trained.  At that point they can become so called breeders while separated in age and maturity from the population of women.

all new borns will have a dna reading to confirm the father.

Women can then proceed to degree status and their children can be largely overseen by available women in particular and other childcare workers.  The point is to free up mothers asap from the direct unrelenting demands of childrearing which only needs two years at a time perchild and all this while also freeing up mothers from 24/7 demands.

It should be possible for a mother to engage in study and light duty as well while anothert mother cares for her child.

It will be common for a father to acquire a family of young children not all his and  been several years older than his wife.  Such marriages will typically be arranged as well.

All this is counter to traditional protocols, but what has happened is unprecedented and needs to be pro[perly addressed and simply throwing money at it will do nothhing.


China's population has officially collapsed (and it's bad for us all)

population decline.

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Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how folks that apparently know absolutely nothing about a subject - childraising in this case - will proceed to form ignorant opinions and then then broadcast their foolishness.

Children need and deserve whole intact families, decades of competent consistent loving care from both fathers and mothers, and a supportive extended community.

Simply legally recognizing abortion as 1st degree murder (the historic human belief and legal position) will restore demographic balance to the human world, PDQ, if that is the goal. Restoring freedom of speech will provide the necessary educational balance for young couples to make informed decisions about the lifetime commitment of parenting, and for all of us to realize the importance of providing moral, emotional, employment and community support for parenting.

Spare us the Brave New World scenarios, please.