Monday, February 20, 2023

The Ohio train derailment toxic dioxin bomb is far worse than we realized

Understand that blowing up and burning those chemicals is never best practise for hazzardous waste removal.  And yes the plume of gas is hugging the ground and has been blown down into the St Lawrence valley impacting Quebec in particular.

Someone ordered this and considering the extensive assaults on our ag infrastructure, it is hard to seethis as other than planned.

We are absorbing these unconventional warfare assaults with a visibly corrupted leadership out front.  amusing is it not.  Then we are attempting to trigger a nuclear war with Russia as well.  who are these folks.

The Ohio train derailment toxic dioxin bomb is far worse than we realized

I am shocked to learn the horrifying facts about the toxicity of dioxins, a class of chemical compounds formed when chlorinated compounds are burned. The authorities who set fire to the vinyl chloride in Ohio have unleashed an ecological catastrophe that's causing dioxin fallout on food, farms and families in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.

The maximum lifetime "safe" exposure to dioxins is 1/10,000th the mass of a single grain of table salt.

This means if you get one drop of dioxin chemicals on you, it's over. Massive cancer. Infertility. Spontaneous abortions, endocrine disruptions, etc. Very bad news.

Today we interview a hazardous materials incident response expert who specializes in train wreck cleanups. What he shares with us is truly disturbing... the single largest toxic chemical ecological disaster in American history.

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