Monday, February 13, 2023

Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED

Let us say this. unless russia is unable to train their soldiers at all, their core tactic of heavy artillary and frontal assault will tip the battlefield in their favor if it has not already done so.  this is WWI methods used by Russia to defeat Germany in the face of staggerting losses in WWII.

The only eyewitness report i saw from the front lines showed us crude trenches at best.  These will be casulty rich under bombardment.  After all no one expects to stay there.  Few recalled just how low US casulties in korea became after they hardened up their bunkers.  what they have is insuffiicent and foxholes would be better for them.

My point is that an offensive will see crawling artillary bombardments.  In the meantime the Ukranians have been degraded ahead of time as well.  Nothing fancy is going to save them here.  and NATO and the USA is not going to conscript 10,000,000 soldiers to help them.

Col. Macgregor: Ukraine is About to be ANNIHILATED (Exclusive Interview)

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