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26 Story Pig Farm in China for Over 1 million Pigs

Water, food and waste removal can be really sped up using machinery to the extent that even we might be comfortable. Pigs are also the one animal able to even thrive in this.  even chickens are way more problematic.  with pigs you do need grow space to handle the huge litters which obviates crowding.

Alternatively we now are able to efficently trap wild pigs and push them through a finishing cycle which handles that problem.

All this makes pig husbandry rather effective..

This can really work well.

26 Story Pig Farm in China for Over 1 million Pigs

26 Story Pig Farm in China for Over 1 million Pigs
February 9, 2023 by Brian Wang

Zhongxin Kaiwei Modern Farming in central China’s Hubei province is raising pigs in a 26-story building with advanced technologies and a central control system. They will have 20,000 breeding pigs and they can output 600,000- 1.2 million pigs per year. It is in the city of Enzou about 500 miles west of Shanghai. It is a $500 million facility with 800,000 square metres of space.

Pigs stay on each floor throughout their lives and the air system contains any disease outbreak to one floor.

It is the biggest single-building pig farm in the world, with a capacity to slaughter 1.2 million pigs a year.

Pork is the most popular animal protein in the country. China eats around half of all the world’s pork. They lost 100 million pigs to the deadly pig disease African swine fever (ASF) between 2018 and 2020.

Waste from the pigs will be treated and used to generate biogas, which can be used for power generation and heating water inside the farm. Workers will be required to go through multiple rounds of disinfection and testing before being given clearance to enter, and won’t be able to leave the site until their next break – reportedly once a week.

China’s 2022 pork output increased by 4.6% on the year before to reach the highest level since 2014. Pork output in the world’s top producer of the meat reached 55.41 million tonnes, the highest since the 56.71 million tonnes recorded eight years ago. China’s overall pig herd increased by 0.7% during 2022 to reach 452.56 million head.

China could handle their entire national pig farming in about 400 high rise buildings.

There were about 784.2 million pigs worldwide as of April 2022. The EU has about 140 million pigs and the US has 74 million. Brazil has 35 million. Russia has 26 million. Canada has 14 million.

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