Friday, February 17, 2023

Tarot Cards and Ouija Boards


Without question we have lacked a model for tool use and the other side.  Not least because we have all been taught to dismiss the whole topic.

This took a little thought.

We know that the other side is populated by physically real spirit bodies wanting to provide comms to us.  the tarot provides a list of reasonable outcomes that can be influenced by a spirit to assist in answering a query.  Just like a Ouija board.  same process except it supports automatic writing.  My daughter does automatic writing with her keyboard.  way easier.

Reading the manual allows you to assign values to the tarot cards.  Then go for it.  Establish intent and shuffle away.

The Ouija board has a bad rap because it is way too slow and cannot be used like the keyboard.  Using the keyboard it is possible to actually interview your spirit informants.  This obviously makes all the difference. We have actually identified individuals and what they have been doing to in the after life.  We have sought advice and have recieved it.

I now know that if you commit damage against individuals during your lifetime, you will need to make restituion for that damage to the afflicted families.  This will obviously delay your return until it likely becomes impractical.

There is more to all this than just that but it is a good place for all to start.

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