Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wolfman Attacks in Indianapolis


The real tell that this is a giant sloth again is the smell of rotting meat.   This victim was dead lucky and got to tell us this story.. It is rather likely that the creature was dealing with a kill when this happened and that is why we have bloody claws and hesitancy in making another kill.  It was not hungry and had likely just consumed a small animal.  A large kill at that moment would have entailed extensive work caching meat.

From the description the creature knocked the victim down and reacted when the victim began to fight but actually inflicted no damage at all except to tear through cloth.  Thus not even a scratch....

At this point the giant sloth is easy enough to identify though the victim's shocked reports and we have dozens of reports here and the likelihood of many dozens more out there.  WE have long passed the numbers needed to secure an accurate picture of this creature..


Wolfman Attacks in Indianapolis

Friday, November 18, 2016 

I recently received the following account:

I wish to keep my name to myself, but I am willing to provide my account of what happened. This is a first hand account of an encounter that I had with a creature of unknown origin.

It was about five years ago, late at night. I went for a walk in the dark to clear my head one night when I got the feeling that I was being followed. Before I could say anything a dark, fur covered creature lunged out of the nearby bushes. It looked like a large man crossed with a wolf. It had deep green eyes and an elongated snout. The thing smelled like a rotting deer carcass and it was very heavy.

It slammed into me, knocking me to the ground where it stood over me and growled as it looked me in the face. I kicked it and it yelped before swiping at me, cutting my arm with its sharp claws. I was sure it was going to kill me, but then a noise similar to a car with a broken muffler backfiring scared it and the creature ran away. Strangely, my arm no longer felt like it was bleeding, and the cut wasn't hurting anymore.

My shirt sleeve was torn but when I wiped away the wet blood from my arm, there wasn't even a scratch left behind. I was sure that it was just a bad dream and so I headed back home. I never reported this because I was certain that nobody would believe me, and because it has been haunting me every day since. I haven't seen this creature since it ran off into the woods when that sound scared it off, but I sometimes worry that it might come back. I also don't know why the scratch on my arm was gone moments after the thing ran off. Everything I've found about it online has said that it was a werewolf, but I don't think those are real. It also isn't like the Dogman or any other similar kinds of creature.

If you have heard of anything else like this, I would be interested to hear about it. Thank you.

NOTE: This incident occurred in the Indianapolis location specifics offered, since witness wanted to remain anonymous. The blood may have already been on the creature's claws and transferred to the witness...even though the sleeve was cut. The green eyes are unusual for a canine...maybe it was shapeshifter (werewolf / skinwalker). Your thoughts welcomed. Lon

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