Monday, November 21, 2016

Dragon, Pterosaur or What?

Curiously this is not a Pterosaur. In a way that is not surprising as i suspect that the Pterosaur is evolved to fish for a living by simply diving into the water and chasing larger fish. That other types exists makes good sense. This creature can knock down a deer and make short work of it. Alternately it may be able to drain the blood as well and this could explain cattle mutilation in which scant flesh is harvested.

There is obviously a pair in the area and that means a den and a thousand square mile hunting range.

As i have often posted, all this activity is nocturnal and what we get are glimpses.  We have many such eye balls and it is pretty clear that larger flying reptiles persist throughout the world where hunting is good.  There is enough to observe several species as well but so far few reports.  That is what makes an excellent eye ball report such as this so important.  It defines the parameters for future reports as they come in and we develop a proper sample set.

 Flying Over South New Jersey...Dragon, Pterosaur or What?

Monday, October 17, 2016

I received the following account this past weekend:

Hello, I just read about that flying dragon over south New Jersey in Weird NJ and I've have a very similar experience twice.

First time was about 3 years ago in March. I was driving near Marlton, NJ and the Voorhees area at around 3:00 PM, looked up and seen this huge creature flying. I was in complete shock because I could not believe the size of this thing and the sun was still out at the time so I had a pretty good sight of it. It was no bird because it did not have feathers nor fur. These gigantic wings like a bat, reptilian head. Exactly like how the other person described. I was in the car with family and by the time I could get a word out of my mouth and point at it, it had already flown away. It's skin color was like a light beige and it didn't even flap its wings. Kinda just glided. It was flying very low as well, almost resembled a pterodactyl.

Second time was actually in Voorhees! Again, driving home at night last year around 9:00 PM October 30th. I saw the same exact body shape but slightly smaller and flying lower than the first one. Freaky thing of this one was that it's eyes glowed this crazy bright red. Like car lights. The eyes on it freaked me out so much I couldn't tell anyone for at least 2 days. This one also had a darker skin tone or maybe it was just the time of day I seen it. I had a very good look on both creatures, I'm very aware of all the animals that live around me. This is not like anything I have ever seen. I did not experience any foul scents because I did not roll down my window or exit my car. Just wanted to share my part maybe it would've helped. Thanks for reading - RF

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