Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Flying Dragon Filmed in China?

Now that every eyeball has a camera to hand, we are picking up rare sightings as often as not.  This is good news.  I have posted a small number of what must be Pterosaur sightings as well as Thunder Bird sightings and a number of other quite different large flying large creatures.'

Excellent close sightings all generally show us either a true pterosaur or some other type of flying reptile to which the dragon name could easily be attached.  They are always traveling fast and this gives an observer no time to get a  good photo.

atch: Flying Dragon Filmed in China?

An intriguing video from China purportedly shows a mysterious flying creature that some think may be a dragon! Very little is known about the five-minute-long piece of footage aside from claims that it was filmed in a mountainous area of China near the Laotian border. In the clip, an anomalous animal appears to be majestically sailing through the mountains as it flaps its enormous wings. Learn more.

The breathtaking nature of the footage and the fantastic possibilities it suggests have led the video to amass over 200,000 views on YouTube in just a handful of days. 

Paranormal enthusiasts theorize that the creature in question could be a dragon or a pterodactyl. 

Skeptics, however, argue that it is a probably a CGI hoax while others have even proposed that the anomaly is actually a drone, although that seems less plausible than the dragon hypothesis.

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