Friday, November 4, 2016

‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History About to Break’

An interesting thesis here.  It may well be.  However there are plenty of clear small fish to fry as well. The mere fact that her aide transferred a single document to her home computer is an offense under secrecy laws. It also appears that she did it with the collusion of Hilary as well although that would be harder to prove. My point is that data is flowing from a supposedly secure environment to a clearly unsecured environment.  How can this end well?  These people are actually stupid or furthering a criminal enterprise.
Add in that Hilary's 'daughter' is actually a rabid true believer in the ultimate destiny of Islam as per her own unguarded utterances and you have to be gobsmacked at Clinton perfidy, intentional or not.
It is little wonder that the intelligence community is now at war without the support of a clearly Islamic friendly Whitehouse.  They are fighting real treason, much of it covert, but some overt.  Presume that they now have the full support as well of the Joint Chiefs. I do not think it will come to that but real power can be brought to bear if it becomes necessary.
Quite rightly they and the American people will want this to process quietly going down with due process setting in afterward.  The best scenario now is a simple Trump victory little marred by excessive vote rigging and a generally quiet transition.
Then there is the innuendo about the massive pedophile ring in Washington and the Clinton's participation.  This sounds mostly like someone's fervid imagination and surely false as no one in such an exposed position is likely to be that dumb.  Yet at this point it can not be completely ignored and must be simply put on the watch and see list.
The fact is that the Intelligence community is in full revolt and that also means that the Military is also in revolt and all this makes  a Clinton presidency an impossibility.  She will be indicted first and her VP will have a minder at best and it will take years to undo the damage.
‘Biggest Scandal in U.S. History About to Break’

November 1, 2016 6:59 pm

Investigative reporter who broke Hillary email bombshell reveals what’s coming next

(WND) – While the FBI and the Justice Department dig into some 650,000 emails on the computer of Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, the man who reported back in August that Abedin was sending classified emails to her non-secure account is explaining how the trail leads to where we are now – and he predicts the “biggest scandal in U.S. history” is about to break loose.

Jerome Corsi, a senior staff writer at and author of “Partners in Crime,” first reported in late August that Abedin forwarded work-related emails to her private account after he scoured a report on emails from the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

“I was looking it over, and it hit me, ‘She just forwarded that email to herself. Why would she do that?’ I started looking, and I realized there had been about 300 emails released by Judicial Watch. I realized she forwarded 200 of them to herself,” Corsi told WND and Radio America.

The account to which the emails were being forwarded was partially redacted, except in one email. The address was

“As soon as I had that, I realized that she was sending many classified State Department emails offline to Yahoo, which is completely insecure. She was sending both emails she received at and emails she received at [], the private server,” Corsi explained.

But Abedin was not the only one sending emails to her private account.

“Hillary was sending emails from to Huma Abedin at They were both involved, and they completely compromised the State Department security, because anybody that had the password or username could read, in unredacted form, all these emails in real time,” Corsi said.

“Why would you go to the problem of downloading, offloading it from the State Department computer, that many emails when, if you were trying to follow the rules, you could just read them at the State Department?” Corsi asked.

Corsi said there is no question there was sensitive, classified information included in these emails.

“Some of them that I found and published had been marked classified by the State Department,” he said. “One in particular I remember was a Sid Blumenthal email. It came to Hillary. She sent it to Huma, and Huma sent it to herself, and the State Department marked it classified.”

He points out the classification came later, but that should not matter.

“They did that retroactively afterward, but it still should have been known to be classified by Hillary because there are rules where documents don’t have to be marked classified to be classified when you’re at her level,” Corsi explained.

Then the mystery for Corsi became how Abedin was sending emails from one account to the other.

“If Huma went to all this trouble to offload all these emails that I know about … then she probably didn’t use a State Department device. She probably used somebody else’s device,” Corsi said.

Enter Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former New York congressman, who is Abedin’s estranged husband, although they were still together during Clinton’s years at the State Department.

“It was really the FBI and the New York Police Department that decided to go knock on Weiner’s door with a search warrant,” Corsi said. “Once they found the computer and the emails, they knew they had a case. This way, they didn’t have to go get permission, which they never would have been given by (FBI Director James) Comey or (Attorney General) Loretta Lynch, to continue investigating the Clinton emails.”

Corsi said there should be no doubt as to the criminality of Abedin and Clinton offloading emails onto Abedin’s Yahoo account.

“That’s obviously a major felony in violation of federal security laws for handling classified information,” he said. “You can’t do that.”

And why couldn’t they do that?

“The rules for handling classified materials is you’ve got to handle them on secured channels. You can’t let them go on an insecure channel,” Corsi said. “Clearly, sending these emails to – and we know some of them had classified material because they’ve been marked classified – is a violation of the law, and it doesn’t require intent.”

He said Clinton and Abedin could have avoided this entire scandal by establishing secure government accounts and not sending any of it to private accounts.

“This was such an obvious violation of law, and perhaps leading to an espionage case or a treason case, that when presented to Comey, he really had no alternative than to go forward,” Corsi said.

He said the key to this story getting legs is the NYPD involvement in investigating Anthony Weiner’s alleged sexting of underage girls.

“With the NYPD in on it, in addition to the Department of Justice in New York, there’s no way to contain the case by saying you’re not allowed to pursue it from the FBI’s point of view. The New York Police Department said, ‘Well, we’ll pursue it,’” Corsi said.

Corsi believes this story is about to explode, as he believes Clinton and Abedin moved all the emails in preparation for a pay-to-play scheme for access to her emails.

In addition, a Tuesday release from WikiLeaks shows a March 3, 2015, email from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to former Clinton State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills urging a quick dispatching of unidentified emails.

“On another matter … and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” wrote Podesta.

“This is a crime scheme that stinks,” Corsi said. “I think this WikiLeaks and this cache of 600,000 emails from the State Department, plus the other documentation we’ve gotten over time, I think this is going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history, and it’s just about to break.”

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