Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hollow Earth Comments

Any proposed hollow earth will be a shell that may be several hundred miles thick.  The shell produces the gravity and that means that our gravity will match that on the inside of the shell.

As well there will be plausibly an  opening at the poles  that will actually be plugged.  It provides a prospective thin zone allowing access tunneling.  Astonishingly, Hudson Bay solves several problems for me.  The counter pole subsurface does not disprove this notion as well.

If the reptilians actually exist, then it appears likely that they reside in an inner Earth rather than in habitats.

We have a body of literature promoting a more robust access to the inner Earth for which no evidence has ever been provided let alone satellite pictures.  It makes better sense that such access be sealed.

However that all nicely sets up the crustal shift taking place 12,900 years ago.  It even explains the waters of the deep in the Genesis flood story as shifting oceans would have produced a huge surge onto the surface that then slowly retreated.  That remained an unexplained oddity that can now be understood on the basis of a hollow Earth..                                                                                   

Hello again I am little confused about this "hollow planet's,moon's and star's" Idea there are somethings I do get like the moon being hollow and other species,beings,spirits living all around us in places like big underground caverns on others planets and moons, "cool" spots underneath stars and inside gas giants what I don't get is wouldn't you die because the pressure of living in a hollow earth because you said earlier that we could only dig down to about 200'000 feet unlit pressure and heat made it not wroth doing and where are passages are they guarded by the reptilians ? also could it be that to use such passages would one have to be out of phase with our universe and in phase with theirs ? would be good to get more answers.


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