Thursday, November 10, 2016

The People's Counter Attack

Donald Trump

When he first floated his trial balloon regarding a run for the presidency, my basic thought was that he was actually the right man for this time and place.  Much needs to be done to actually change direction for the American Republic and that is completely impossible under the present dispensation of political and financial power.  Only a powerful self assured outsider could possibly do what needed to be done.  Shades of Ronald Reagan!

I also received notification from a third party with exceptional spiritual gifts that Trump had been chosen to clean house in Washington.  So I knew over a year ago that his triumph was inevitable.

That then begged the question of how might this be possible?  I personally saw no way forward which meant that I and the American people were about to be taken to school.  And what a bravura performance of media management it was!  I am also sure he lost faith at times as well but his core strategy worked completely.

That was to turn the political correctness playbook into his communication guide.  This spoke directly to most of the public because that is how most of them actually think but will not say.  At the same time he was a celebrity and this pulled in the press who was used to making him the story.  Add the two together and he had the material to dominate the media day after day for the duration of the primary season.  In the process he mobilized at least two million voters who may never have come out.  The cake was really cooked at that point but no one appreciated that including myself.  I sort of thought that they were out there but could not see them.

I do note that he also had the acting skill to do this.  Recall how difficult it is to speak like a ten year old for anyone let alone someone who wrote his share of essays and reports in an ivy league school.  Remember Hilary's use of the word deplorable.  Recall that he passed far more difficult courses that she ever tackled at university.

I am the first to say that i have never lost the effect of that forced march on my use of language and i would actually have to take acting courses to match his approach. Considering he is a reality star which is improv at its best, you may be sure he did just that. The press completely missed all this and bought into his utterances as merely self destructive.  Yet this also made such utterances completely meaningless as policy statements which he could easily toss on a whim.

Recall how easily he dismissed his years of needling Obama regarding the Kenyan birth by merely telling the press that of by the way you are right. next?.

The whole point of this parade of nonsense was to deny anyone else any form of media space.  It was brilliant and his opponents all folded after futilely blowing their money.  Even better it cost almost nothing.

It also earned the complete animosity of the GOP establishment.  He then showed them that it still did not matter as he became their nominee over their dead bodies.  However, this completed his transformation into a champion of the people and with zero ties to the money donors.

Then he focused on the key battlefield states and the rust belt generally.  He counted on the reality that traditional GOP votes had no place to go and did not need any stroking.  His speeches then were policy oriented with an aside for the benefit of the press who would never write a story on his good ideas.  To this day they do not understand how suckered they were.  The supporters got what they wanted and the press got what they wanted.

On election day the vote turned out and the rest is now history.  His actual plurality in the popular vote is presently over a million votes but may decline sharply as the last two heavily populated areas complete counting.  He did not have the coin to go after those types of voters.  They will be there next time though.  He has done more than enough now  to win and he did.

No one saw this pathway except him.

Election of Donald Trump proves that the power of the people can overcome corruption and a 'rigged' system 

Wednesday, November 09, 2016 by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) The long, tiring and frustrating election season is finally over and it's been historic in its own right: GOP nominee Donald J. Trump's victor has proven once more that We the People are the real power brokers in the United States of America, not the corrupt, rigged system that was built by shady, crooked career politicians like Hillary Clinton and the fat cat donors who own them.

It was an uphill battle all the way for Trump, who fought "the establishment" for every vote. The entire political machine consisting of both Democrats and Republicans, global corporations, foreign governments, and the lying mainstream media were aligned against him. Billions of dollars were spent trying to prevent him from winning the White House.
And they all failed.

That's because in the end, the American people rose up and chose a candidate that did not have a three-decade record of failure. Hillary Clinton has been in politics for more than 30 years but, as first lady, then U.S. senator and finally secretary of state, she never managed to achieve much. During her campaign she touted her resume early and often, but being in a position is not the same thing as accomplishing something.

Trump, by comparison, offered Americans a legitimate record of accomplishment. The billionaire businessman built a brand and a financial empire that few will ever accomplish. The difference is, Trump has always said he wants all Americans who put in the time and energy to have the opportunity to mimic his success. To do what he has done. To achieve what he has achieved.

For Trump, it was never about the presidency, per se. He didn't need to run. But he wanted to because he has always felt that he was the best-suited to give the country back to the people after wresting control over it from the big corporations, the lying media and the political establishment machines of both major political parties (which essentially pursue the same policies).

What were the messages a majority of Americans just sent to Washington, D.C., and the world by choosing Trump?

-- They trust Trump more than anyone else to bring back their jobs.
-- They don't want open borders and unlimited migration into our country from the Third World.
-- They don't want more of the same kinds of 'trade deals' that offshore more jobs than they bring in, raising trade deficits in the hundreds of billions. They are tired of America making other countries rich while we get poorer.
-- They don't want the United States to be the world's police force.
-- They are tired of being discounted by career politicians who beg them for votes and then ignore them after they win and get back to Washington.
-- They are fed up with broken policies that never get fixed.
-- They are sick of inefficient, wasteful and expensive big government.
-- They want their healthcare system back and believe Trump is the one to return it.
-- They want a president who respects the rule of law.
-- They want a president who protects national security and doesn't give away secrets (or sell them).
-- They are really fed up with "politics as usual" and the co-opted and corporate-owned political class that has gotten more and more wealthy and powerful, as the people have gotten poorer and underrepresented.
They want better roads, bridges, schools, and airports.
They want their rusted, aged, lead-leaching water pipes replaced.
They want jobs that can support them and their communities' tax base.
They want opportunities that have long since gone away.
They are tired of Washington's one-size-fits-all approach.

They don't want "solutions" imposed on them from five Supreme Court justices or the federal court system in general.

They want their own state and local leaders managing state and local affairs because they are tired of being told what to do and how to do it from nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington who doesn't know them or their community's needs.

And the majority of voters just said they didn't believe 'Ms. Career Politician' would deliver on any of those things.

There are millions of people who are not happy with President-elect Trump's victory. For some reason they believed that a career criminal masquerading as a politician was somehow more "qualified" to be our president. For some reason they thought that because he was plain-spoken he was "unqualified." They believe that he's "unfit" to have his hand on the nuclear weapons codes, and that Clinton – so obviously co-opted and compromised by foreign governments – was somehow a wiser choice to secure our country and protect our people. Frankly, that's incredible.

But now it's time to come together as a nation. We have made our choice and it is President-elect Trump. We should support him and allow him the opportunity to make good on his pledges. He'll put a good team in place and he'll show the world just why a billionaire businessman is exactly the right person for America at exactly the right time.

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