Thursday, November 3, 2016

Time Slip at Stonehenge?

Really interesting.  They saw a page in time that their subconscious pulled up to inform them.  This shows us that it may be rather easy to do.  You do not change your time and place but you can see another time and place to which you may have an affinity.

This is the real deal and shows us that it is possible.  I assume proximity to Stonehenge may have importance not understood.

What makes this interesting is that we can actually lock down the two ends of the story.  The two observers could compare notes. and that is when the impossi8ble was identified.

Time Slip at Stonehenge?

“I experienced a time slip once at Stonehenge in the 90s! My dad, my brother and I were there visiting on a daytrip when I was 7 or 8, and if anyone has been there before, you know it's situated right next to the A303 motorway. Well, all of a sudden I felt the urge to look to the road where I saw my uncle/aunt's van with all of my four cousins in the back drive by. I pointed it out to my dad who was incredulous until he too saw them. It felt like they drove by in slow motion almost. Thinking of it as a bizarre coincidence, my dad called his brother (my uncle) later that day to report that we saw them. My uncle then said it couldn't have been them because they hadn't been there for over a year. My dad, who's a skeptic, was dumbfounded and could offer no explanation. It wasn't a false identification. They had a very distinctive style van and we clearly saw all of them in it. Super weird! Another important part of this story is that my aunt and uncle's house was over 100 miles away, so there's no chance they would be passing through without remembering they were there."

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