Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UFO Dashes Across the Kentucky Sky

The bird was low and silent and it only last for about seven frames, but does cross the sky.  This was traveling at mach something.  Shape and configuration suggest a aerodynamic craft able to push our known limits.

Realistically this is human test craft.  It was flying in the clouds and the observer just got lucky.

Nice shot here though.  go to the site tioo see the video itself.

UFO Dashes Across the Kentucky Sky;postID=7005934278200194027

Louisville, KY - 2016-04-09 - 6:56AM: 1.) Me and "G" (girlfriend) got home around 6:00 a.m, parked in my yard just off the street facing North, decided to stay in the car and watch the sun come up.
Watching sunsets and sunrises was like our favorite bond.

Fascinated with the sky, I pulled up the Snapchat app on my phone and began making short clips *snapchat only records 1-10sec videos*. 

For every 20 videos I made, I would save maybe just 1. I wanted that perfect video of the sky. So I'd keep recording until the 10 seconds was up, and almost immediately delete it and start a new one.
This is how I caught it on camera. 

2.) In the video, the way it come across the camera, is the same way I saw it with my own eyes. It just came across my vision and I watched it until I couldn't see it no more.
3.) I immediately thought that it was unusual and assumed it to be unidentified.
4.) Looks like a Angel of Darkness. Solid black. 

When it first comes in I see what look like wings closing after being flopped.
It looks as if its rotating, like how you would twirl a pencil.
It looks like its faster than any plane ever.
As it makes its way across the camera it drops low, turns and goes into a swirling portal like cloud. 

5.) I felt something kinda like my heart sank into my stomach the second right before I saw it. it was only visible for a split 3/4 seconds.. and I was just so amazed after. I was excited that I may have caught something extraterrestrial. - MUFON CMS

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