Saturday, November 5, 2016

More Humanoid Encounters

  The first report is no cat as cats retract claws.   It sounds like a female giant sloth and that includes a long tail.  We actually posted a picture here that i also identified as a likely female sloth. This description confirms the likely association.

The second is an obvious reptilian and the third is an alien intervention with an unusually useful medical process and a scar.  The Aliens are not common either.

 The last report appears to be our friend the Chupacabra or more properly the Gargoyle.  In this case the wings are folded into the back and are not seen at all.  Quite likely it wanted to resume its meal and was acting to scare off interlopers.  At least we caught it feeding on its normal prey.

What i find astounding is that we have developed enough real expertise to comfortably identify the most likely prospect for all these sightings.  That is what is earned from hundreds of individual reports.
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 
Humanoid Encounters: The 'Wicomico Catman', 'Toadman' Encounter & the Bloodsucker

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series:


Wicomico County, Maryland - Autumn 1980 - Late night

This particular area around Maryland's eastern shore is reputed to be the home of a bizarre entity dubbed the "Cat Man".

Four people parked near a landfill witnessed two yellow eyes looking in the car window. Extremely frightened, they quickly left the area but got curious and decided to return. They returned in two cars this time and parked at angles so they could direct the headlights and be able to see more area.

After an hour or so they noticed something crouched down and moving towards them. The creature slowly moved over to them on all fours. It was black with coarse hair, and had very long claws or nails on each hand. The face was human-like but with feline features and covered in hair. There was a long thin tail that whipped back and forth slowly.

After remaining motionless for a few seconds, it moved to one car and hooked it's claws into the driver side door. It's yellow eyes glowed in the dark as it peered inside. Again terrified, the witnesses started the car causing the creature to fall away from the car as it cried out a high-pitched scream as it ran away. Deep scratch marks were on the car according to the owner.

The witnesses reported the sighting to the local authorities who conducted an investigation. Nothing was reportedly found though this was not the first or last time this creature was seen in the area.

Source: local county authorities

NOTE: similar sightings have be reported since the area was inhabited by native people. Several half-eaten sika deer carcasses with large claw and teeth marks have been found in the past, usually in areas near the Wicomico River and other waterways.



San Luis Potosi, Mexico - October 1965 - Afternoon

Francisco Estrada Acosta had gone out on a small game hunting expedition near a local mining area. He followed the Santiago River and arrived at the San Jose dam. There while bending down collecting rocks for his slingshot he felt the presence of someone standing next to him. Standing up he was startled to see a tall figure with a large oval-shaped head, huge reddish phosphorescent eyes and a large toad-like mouth. The strange humanoid extended a 'flipper-like' hand to Acosta and touched one of Acosta’s hands on his palm. The touch felt cold and scaly like that of a reptile or an amphibian. Terrified, Acosta stepped back and ran from the area. Glancing back he noticed that the creature had membrane wing-like protrusions on its back and was apparently preparing to leave also.

Source: Contacto Mexico



Silver Spring, Maryland - February, 22, 2003 - Near midnight

The witness (a teacher) was at home grading some papers when all of the sudden she noticed a bright light outside her apartment. She stepped outside to see what it could be when she suddenly felt a warm sensation come over her body. Her next memory was being alone, lying on a cold hard table with figures wearing doctor-like masks standing around her. The figures were at least 8 ft tall. They appeared to be "slimy" since the witness was touched in several private places by the humanoids. They stuck a needle in the witness, but she felt no pain. In the background there were more figures that appeared to be the female version of the other ones. The humanoids spoke in an unknown language that could not be understood. The speech resembled a series of clicks and mumbled speech. The room grew cold and she felt "something" being pulled out of her. (She believes it was her appendix). She lost consciousness again at this point. She woke up later and found a scar on her side.

Source: NUFORC

NOTE: This location is the site of the Madelaine Rodeiffer UFO film taken in 1965. Well-known 'experiencer' George Adamski was supposedly staying with her at the time.



Columbia, Missouri - November 2000 - 10:30 PM

A local bow-hunter had recently found 3 deer carcasses completely drained of blood and was out on another night hunting expedition when he again found a dead deer with two bleeding wounds abut 2 inches apart in the neck area. As he began his trek back to the truck he heard a sound in the brush behind him. As he continued to walk, he soon realized that whatever it was it was following him. He turned around to see the brush move on the hillside and he was able to make out a dark shape moving quickly against the snow. The witness turned the flashlight and witnessed a creature about 3 ft tall with dark thick and matted hair. It's face was baboon-like and the eyes were a little larger than those of a human being. The creature ran up the hill as the witness moved rapidly towards his truck. He could make out its shape about 15 yards away from him. The witness fired his bow and thought he had it, but the creature continued to run away. He found no arrow or blood.

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