Monday, November 18, 2013

Skunk Ape?

As I have posted in the past, I am pretty comfortable that the best explanation for the skunk ape, particularly its odor, is the giant sloth.  The witness was totally correct to run for it.  Instinct, do your duty!

In this case, the witness was settled into his blind for some time allowing for unexpected encounters and is surprised by the creature tearing into a rotted out tree stump behind him.  Thus he was able to get a clean look at the animal’s shoulders in motion and its upright head which is unusual for a bear.  He saw enough to exclude bear.

Now this could still be a bear.  It may even be a Sasquatch although that is less likely as we have no reports that they rip out dead wood in search of termites.  The best alternative is the giant sloth which we fully expect to eat termites.  Our problem is that the bear does also.  In favor of the Sloth conjecture is the easy move to an upright position which we do not see with a black bear.

We have not cleanly ruled out any of the three prospects but we have also learned just how difficult it is for even a skilled observer to be sure what he is seeing.  He has not considered the giant sloth and his expectations have made him confused.  Notice he did not identify a Sasquatch either.

The ambiguity surrounding the Skunk Ape comes from this failure to conform to the Bigfoot or Sasquatch paradigm in the first place and it is becoming clear that we are misidentifying the Giant Sloth as some type of bear.

Once everyone entering the woods begins to look for the giant Sloth as well, our reporting will wonderfully improve.

Skunk ape

This is probably one of the best skunk ape footage we've ever seen. This video was filmed by Josh Highcliff, and if it's a prank, his name is attached to it forever. The background story is very convincing:

Here is exactly what I seen, I'm not sure what it is but can someone please tell me? Is there a person who can do video analyses or something? I got scared and ran away, i wish i stayed to keep taking the movie.

Date: october 24 – 2013

Where: about 9 miles west of Tunica, Mississippi on my hunting property
Time: about 6pm

I was out hunting hogs, just sitting in a part of the swamp i have heard em is not too far from a road. I was wearing hunting camo and just sitting dead still waiting for it to get dark, cause thats when the hogs come out. I hear a noise behind the tree i was sitting on, i thought it was the hogs, when i got around i could not believe my own two eyes.

There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away, i thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands. It looked like it was digging out the stump. My first instinct was to run, i did not even think of shooting...then i know no one will believe was like everything slowed down...i was scared! I took out my iphone and started videotaping it..i guess i pushed the record button twice cause it stopped blinking red.. but i pushed it again. I hear a truck driving down the road and the thing stood up!! I was trying to be dead quiet...when it stood up i could not control myself and ran. That stump was huge and i'd guess the sucker was 7feet tall, i am a hunter and am pretty darn good at guessing size.

that's no bear!

I don't know what to think.. if someone can tell me what it is or if somone was trying to prank me i, I don't want to go back on my land. this is the first movie i have ever put on youtube..the video looks better on my phone and computer

I always heard stories of skunk ape and honey island swamp monster from these parts but never thought about it being real ever. 

has anyone seen anything like this in mississippi?

At 1:55, you can see the creature grubbing on something:

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