Monday, November 25, 2013

Mysterious Fish Caught Off Borneo

This also reminds me of the huge loss of diversity that the ocean has lost over the millennia through several great extinctions.  Recalling those life forms back into existence is an unlikely prospect but then once in a while we have something like this that does a little of that.  Had we found a fossil, it would immediately been pronounced extinct.

Anyway the story is about the picture here and that is truly worth a thousand words.

It is great.

Mysterious Fish Caught Off Borneo


It's far from pretty with a large head and small body covered in spines.

But the family who caught this bizarre mystery fish are so happy with the catch they're planning to keep it.

Borneo fisherman Sapar Mansor caught the strange creature on afishing trip this week and brought it home to his wife.

The fish, which is more than 30cm long and has four spikes near its mouth, was caught near in the sea near Tudan.

Mr Mansor told The Borneo Post he had never seen a fish like it and couldn't identify what it was.

He said he and a friend travelled for two hours from the Miri River to the sea before catching the creature, along with several other fish.

Wife Siti Kadariah said she was surprised by her husband's catch.

"When my husband brought the fish home, both my children were stunned because of its shape and uniqueness," she said.

"It is God's gift and I and my family will keep the fish."

She said she is planning to dry the fish out to preserve it.

Lon's 2 Cents: It's definitely a 'bottom feeder' and most likely a burrower. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an unrecognized species. Lon

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