Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rural Mortgages in China

A lot of these changes are presently wishful thinking and likely will remain so.  However allowing rural land trading and mortgages is both timely and useful to capitalize the poorest third of the economy and will be well received.  It will also sponge up the ocean of cash floating around China.

I also think that they are serious about unwinding the state enterprise ownership situation simply because it is no longer as meaningful. 

These were minimal reforms to shift china over to a thriving consumer driven economy.

Chinese reforms will allow rural people mortgage their property and among changes that are bullish for China and the Global economy

NOVEMBER 18, 2013

China is studying new ways to measure the size of its economy to reflect ambitious reform plans that will make it easier for farmers to sell their land and to take into account property values. 

China's Communist Party leaders unveiled a broad program of reforms last week. One of their objectives was to make it easier for farmers to sell the right to use some of their land. Farmers don't currently own their land, but they have the right to use it.

Among a number of changes outlined in a document released last Friday, China's leaders pledged to boost income for rural residents by giving them more property rights, allowing them to mortgage their property and envisioning experiments in allowing farmers to sell their land. 

Consumption measurements also will be revised to include some services paid by the government, such as for education and medical treatment, the statement said.

A final plan will be announced at the end of next year or in early 2015, according to the statement.

Boosting the income and financial resources of chinese in the rural areas will help address income inequality in China. People in the cities and coast have a lot more money. Boosting the rural areas seems to be a stimulus that would not be pushing areas that are already over developed. 

Because China is the largest trading partner for many nations, financial markets are interpreting this policy document as bullish for regional and global economic growth. The world's financial sector, in particular, has been looking for the economy of the world's most populous nation to evolve from being export-driven to consumer-driven.

Following are some of the goals Beijing included in the statement:
* Opening up the country's financial markets.
* Changing registration for stock market listings, which will encourage more foreign investment.
* The introduction of a bank deposit insurance program that will create confidence in the country's financial institutions.
* Interest-rate liberalization aimed at encouraging savings and rewarding investors.
* Reducing state ownership of businesses.
* Encouraging competition among private firms.
* Reform of the country's household registration system, which has an impact on matters ranging from employment to social benefits. 
* Greater protection for the environment.
* Doing away with labor camps.
* Promoting social security programs to provide a safety net.
* A relaxation of the nation's infamous one-child policy, to increase the number of consumers and workers. 
* Commodities such as copper, coal, and iron ore should all gain from increasing consumer demand. China uses more coal, copper and iron ore than any other country. All are needed in the construction process and the operating of factories, farms, machinery and machinery. Increasing growth in China is positive for all of these commodities.

* Overall, the economic reforms being advocated are bullish for the global economy. 

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Anonymous said...

This will allow for eventual control of the land that currently resides with the peasants by "corporate" entities such that the peasants will have to pay to use the land for their "own" use or become "wage slaves". Without the ability of true" ownership of land they will always be peasants (slaves).
True ownership of land by each man (&woman) as a "sovereign" upon his/her own land (actually owned, not rented as it is today) was the desire our "founders" sought for the "people" but that "right" has been usurped from the people" by the current fraudulent "corporate" governments of the "elite"! Very few people today actually "own" the land they think they own such is the fraud.