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Free Energy Generator Going to Market Now

That they are going to market and will deliver solutions now speaks of ability now.  It may still end up been a slow fade into embarrassment and oblivion but it has already leapt over serious thresholds.  Someone is paying for all that hardware and that someone is certainly an investor who will have tested it all himself.

There is plenty of science out there squirming around the edges of a practical net energy generator that simply takes advantage of the ocean of energy we are swimming in.  That it has always been difficult is well understood and many lifetimes have been exhausted in solving this problem.  Yet it always appeared possible.

The translated text informs us that they are directly tapping the earth’s electromagnetic field through an oscillator that converts potential into current and voltage.  Simple to state and on the back of my mind for years.  Doing it was always the issue as Tesla well knew.

That a solution suddenly appears is welcome and astonishing good news.  Now we will discover if this is anywhere close to real.

Of course they have immediate problems integrating this device into household power systems.  This more than anything though tells me that it works.

Brazilian Firm Goes To Market With Free Energy Generator Capable of Powering Two Average Size Houses

by michaelsuede • November 5, 2013

There goes the neighborhood.
Two Brazilian inventors, Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal, claim to have invented a free energy device and are now selling this device to the public. The device is called the Earth Electron Captor Generator, or “GERADOR CAPTOR DE EL√ČTRONS DA TERRA” in Portuguese.
There is one catch, they are presently only offering the device to people who live in the city of Imperatriz. However, they are working to license production with several manufacturing firms that will allow for online sales. Their website says they will update their page with distributor information when it becomes available. Rumor has it that global distributors will come online in January of 2014.
The device requires a small amount of initial input power to start some kind of sensor rolling, which then produces over-unity power. The device looks small, which means it could be used for vehicular power, as well as residential power. They advertise it can be used in either role, as well as an industrial power source. The site claims the input power needed to run it is around 2% of its output power.
They have several sizes of the generator. The smallest prototype they built is capable of generating 12.1 kw of power, with a load of 6000 watts, using only 21 watts input energy. The prototype unit weighs 1.5 kg measuring 20x30x15 cm. The average home needs around 15 kw of power.
The product looks legit. If this is for real, it will replace Dark Wallet as the second most important creation in the history of man, behind Bitcoin of course. The petro-dollar will surely topple in the face of this invention.
I have posted some videos of the product below. One of the comments on one of the video feeds says the system costs 12,000. I’m not sure if that number is accurate, and if it is accurate, what currency it is denominated in. If that’s in Reals, that would be around $5,500 US Dollars. I’ve seen another person saying it was going for 11,000 Reals in a forum thread.
Peswiki posted an article on them here.
NOTE: This company is in a vulnerable stage right now. They are not equipped to handle the barrage of inquiries they have been receiving because of our coverage. (Nov. 12 update:) The company is ready to license the patents.
The local power company confiscated the first two devices they installed in homes for lack of proper UL-equivalent certifications. Sales are suspended until they get expert opinion, which is already being provided.
They’ve asked if I could remove this page, but instead, I’m posting this notice. Give them some breathing room. They are not bi-lingual. For now, they have enough brain-power and input coming from their Brazilian counter-parts.
Back in September, a Brazilian newspaper reported that the two inventors were arrested for supposedly receiving stolen goods. Apparently they had all of their equipment confiscated during the raid. As best I can make out, the report says they were found to have two energy meters that belonged to a Brazilian energy cooperative.

The two said they were given the energy meters by an engineer of the cooperative. Their lawyers said they were going to file a corpus delicti motion, which means they don’t believe any crime has been committed because they were freely given the meters to use, and the engineer who gave them the meters had even published a report on the internet about it. The two were released on bail. The rumor mill says “that everything is fine now.” From the Peswiki notice, it appears that they are still in operation.

Here’s a video that apparently shows the device being used to power an industrial facility in Brazil. This video was published on October 3, 2013, not too long after the device went on sale. If this is a hoax, it’s a pretty damn elaborate one.

Patents pending in 198 countries.
Electromagnetic equipment
- Captor of electrons Earth
1) Patent of 12/01/2012, with the initial design
2) Certificate of Addition with new technical effect
3) Patent improvement with the initial design with new technical effects
4) Patent improvement with the initial and subsequent design, with new technical effects
- Captor of electrons from space
1) Patent of 12/01/2012, with the initial design
2) Certificate of Addition with new technical effect
3) Patent improvement with the initial design with new technical effects
4) Patent improvement with the initial and subsequent design, with new technical effects
- Self-powered system, (Universal Energy).
1) Patent of 12/01/2012, with the initial design
2) Certificate of Addition with new technical effect

Electromechanical equipment
- System of electricity generation
1) Patent of 12/01/2012, with the initial design

Universal Energy

Universal energy is the natural electromagnetic energy is generated by the forces of the universe that give rise to the magnetic field. This energy can be obtained instantly to perform work by electromagnetism which allows the closing of the electromagnetic circuit generating the cycle of self-generation.

Access to this new source of energy is obtained by the sensors, which are capturing electrons by electromagnetic induction, promoting attraction and repulsion of electrically charged particles that pass to move the circuit, generating electrical current. 

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