Saturday, January 18, 2014

Abduction Experience Observed

This item is unique.  We have a number of conforming witness reports conforming entirely to the material reported here.  What is described is hardly unique.  What is unique and important is that the witness was able to observe as a third party witness which is powerful confirmation that excludes the easier lucid dream explanation.  This witness confirms for the first time the outright physicality of this type of experience.  As the balance of probabilities favored a real time explanation this is good.

We already have ample reports of direct alien sampling of human subjects in real time physical situations so this gives us no difficulty in understanding intent and purpose.  This technique allows them to return over and over again to resample and retest.

We do learn directly here that the ability to directly shift in and out of the physical is real.  I already understand what is happening here.  The individuals can pass a body in and out of the physical in short hops allowing physical continuity without disrupting life while actually moving outside the physical.  This brief reemergence provides the Kirilian like radiation that we observe.

I would like to see this witness properly qualified and essentially verified because this is important.  We have picked up on a number of physical phenomena that I can explain in terms of my minimalist model of physics and this is part of the growing evidence base.  Transitioning through space at least is not obviously useful but it informs us that there are limits on what is possible.  I also have promising confirmation of the physical reality of wormholes with a clear temporal component that I believe can be controlled. 

Both these phenomena I hypothesized to establish prospective characteristics before the evidence began showing up.  Thus I have the advantage of been an informed investigator.

My Sister's Abduction
Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The following correspondence was forwarded to me by a colleague in southwest Ohio. This incident took place in an area of Ohio from where I have received several unusual reports...from Bigfoot to UFOs:

In 1988 our family lived in a small apartment in a town in Auglaize County, Ohio. I don't want to give the location or our name. At the time, I was 11 years old and my 10 month old sister and I shared a bedroom.

One night while we were asleep, I noticed a constant droning sound coming from outside our window. It continued for several minutes, then eventually stopped.

A few nights later the same sound started. I looked at the clock and it read 3:24 am. This time, the sound continued for many minutes. I got out of bed and looked out the window. I notice a small bright white light high in the sky that seemed to pulse. I watched the light for a few minutes. It never moved except for the pulsing. Then it disappeared and the droning sound stopped.

The next morning I told my mother about the sound and the light. She said that she hadn't notice anything.

A couple of nights later, I was getting ready for bed. My sister was already asleep in her crib. I walked into the bedroom and noticed a weird odor. It reminded me of antiseptic cleaner. I looked toward my sister's crib and it was empty. I had been in the bathroom previously, so I thought my mother had taken my sister to my parent's bedroom.

I laid on my bed reading a magazine with the radio very low. After awhile, I looked at the clock. It was 10:20 pm. I figured that my mother fell asleep and my sister would sleep with her. My father worked night shift, so occasionally my sister stayed the night with my mother. I was getting sleepy, so I turned the light off and laid down.

At some point, I was startled by a weird dream. I remember being frozen and not being able to move. I suddenly woke and opened my eyes. I felt very cold even though it was July and we didn't have air conditioning at the time. The droning sound had started again. I tried to get out of bed but was unable to do so. I felt very weak and disoriented. The droning sound was getting much louder and it was beginning to get a headache. I tried to call out to my mother but no sound came out of my mouth.

Then suddenly the bedroom started to fill up with white light. It was brightest above my sister's crib. As the light intensified I noticed something coming through the wall. As I watched, the form became visible. It was my sister floating above the crib in a prone position. She had come through the light and through the wall. Her body slowly descended into the crib and the light, as well as the droning sound, began to diminish. Instantly I regained all of my faculties.

I jumped out of bed and went over to my sister. She was asleep and seemed fine. I stood there by the crib and watched her while thinking if should tell my mother what I witnessed. I decided that this would be my secret.

Not long after that, we moved to a larger apartment. My sister and I both had our own rooms.

Now to the present.

Last week my sister and I got together at her home in Michigan. She has her own family and 2 great kids. As we sat in her living room talking, she started to tell me about something her 5 year old daughter told her. It seems that her daughter had an experience very similar to my sister's incident when she was 10 years old. I detailed to her what had happened to her. She looked at me and mentioned that she thought that she had experienced several abductions and that she had an odd encounter a few years back that involved a strange being that confronted her in her bedroom. She had no further recollection beyond that.

That's basically the story. I don't think that any of this has happened to me, but I'm not exactly sure.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.

NOTE: I forwarded my thoughts to my friend who in turn forwarded my response to the witness. She agreed in allowing me to publish her account. These abduction scenarios seem to follow people for much of their lives...including their children and their families. Ufologist Kathleen Marden extensively detailed this in her book The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported David Eckhart and his family have had continued encounters after a long period of abductions. In fact, David's daughter and her spouse continue to encounter these beings on a regular basis. Lon

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