Saturday, June 4, 2011

Clearest Alien Photos Known

Dr. Roger Leir Presents The Clearest Alien Photos Known ?

Take your time on this one.  This is a biblical Ark.  It is also called a MFEV or magnetic field exclusion vessel as per my article on the reverse engineering of an UFO.  Yes, I know how to build one and the physics all fell into place over the past two years.

What it is not is anything as yet built on Earth.  Get over it.

The lighting on the craft is from the full moon.

There is enough evidence out there in terms of sighting densities and specific locales to make certain conjectures.

1                    Although actively gathering information using smaller vessels as a matter of common sense business, it is not the reason for the appearance of the much larger craft.
2                    The larger craft are transports travelling under stealth between space habitats and major underground earth bases.
3                    These Earth bases do not interact at all with the surface or we would have long since been on to them.  They are entered through underwater gates on coasts and lakes.
4                    This locale in Turkey is a promising base location, as is southern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for starters.  Many others are indicated and even suggested by prior work.  I suspect that the bases are huge habitats holding millions of individuals.  ET is merely an elevator trip away and not particularly deep either.

I suspect that we have several such bases on Earth and potentially a great number, though I think they are few, or at least continent based and large in size instead.

These craft either go to space or go to water to disappear.  If water, it is not likely they would want to go that deep, so we see association with near coastal structures and lakes.  That may be an artifact of human observation, but then perhaps not.

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