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Bowhunter Encounters Sasquatch Family Stalking Deer

There are hundreds of class A sasquatch sightings, but a particular few truly stand out.  The main reason for this is that we have a particularly skilled observer.  This case from almost fifteen years ago, that I do not recall from previous work I have done of the BFRO database, is exceptional for a couple of reasons. 

First the observer is a bow hunter and has done just this many times and is also completely aware of his area of interest.  He is not stumbling through the woods.

Secondly his report is one of the few which captures a family fully engaged in the hunt and unlikely to observe the observer.  We learn something new about their habits from this report.

Before this sufficient reports have strongly indicated the family nature of the Sasquatch lifeway.  We do not commonly see bands although that is not unheard of.  Here we discover that the chase includes the mate and child actually keeping up with the male.

We do not see the kill.  Yet other reports have the Sasquatch using throwing stones as a killing device.   It seems unreasonable for the Sasquatch to actually run down a deer as the fur would prevent the necessary cooling.  However they certainly travel as fast as a spooked deer, and need only wait for the deer to pause, in order to catch up and to throw a kill stone.

Again we have additional confirmation that they hunt in the pre dawn and early morning through the deep forest which is their habitat.  The deer were likely spooked from their hide by the earlier howl and are escaping the unknown threat. 

We have actually gathered a lot of information and actually caught the Sasquatch in hunting mode.  I suspect this is the best such.  Recall in past posts and my unpublished manuscript that I had conjectured that the Sasquatch relied on deer hunting in the winter in particular.  This report is outright confirmation.

Bowhunter encounters multiple creatures chasing deer

YEAR: 1997
MONTH: October
DATE: Late October of 1997
STATE: Pennsylvania
COUNTY: Adams County

LOCATION DETAILS: Michaux State Forest near Tick Tock and Pine Ridge Lane.

OBSERVED: I live in a fairly remote part of Adams county, Pennsylvania and the event in question occurred near my house in the Michaux state forest near Tick Tock and Pine Ridge Lane.

The forest here is mainly white pines and oak. It is at a high elevation and there is enormous amounts of mountain laurel and high rododendron.

On this morning i awoke for a morning bowhunt. When i left my house to walk the half mile or so to an area I had seem some deer sign previously, I noticed that the weather was going to be perfect. there wasnt any wind at all and it was cool so the ground was crunchy.

While walking to my stand in the dark i got maybe two hundred yards from my stand and I heard this noise that scared the hell out of me. it was sort of like a howl. i had never heard anything like it before in my life. i tried to ratianalize it as a wild dog or coyote and continued on.

A short while later i was twenty five feet up in my stand watching the woods around me as lightness came. shortly after daybreak, i heard several deer crashing through the laurel towards me. I readied my bow and four does came running within fifteen yards. they appeared to be spooked by something. 

A couple minutes (or so it seemed) later i heard more crunching coming towards me. i again got myself ready in case a buck was following. the noise that was approaching was kind of strange. it sounded more deliberate as it closed in.

I saw several flashes of brown hair through the thick laurel and then i saw it. it was no deer, it was a bipedal creature about 7-8 feet tall. as it ran by me (it never stopped) i noticed it had matted hair all over it.

By this point i had nearly .... a brick, then i heard more sounds coming toward me. two more bigfoots were approaching very fast. 

These ones stopped and i got a fairly good look at them. one appeared to be substantially smaller than the first one and it was dragging a baby bigfoot along with it. these also fled the area very quickly and it seemed as though they were following the largest one.

After all sasquatchian activity ceased, i sat in my seat and checked my pants. i was scared to death. i also noticed the bigfoots left a foul, garbage like odor behind.

Finally i gathered myself enough to get down the tree and back home. i have not returned to this spot since i had that multiple bigfoot encounter.

Since that event i have seen other evidence of sasquatchian activity here. i think this area is full of bigfoots.

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