Thursday, December 29, 2022

Wormhole theory


In my Cloud Cosmology, the operative framework is a 3D manifold or SPACE and we know that wormholes are theoretically safe objects there and thus likely and likely important.  TIME is a diffeernt matter and likely requires energy to produce.  However, I suspect both TIME wormholes and SPATIAL wormholes are inherantly stable once produced.  This will be really handy.

We also have a number of reports that conform to both types of wormholes, but for TIME in particular which makes sense.  Folks in the future want stable repeatable access to our present.

We will initially want SPACE or SPATIAL wormholes.  This is important because it will steadily eliminate travel costs.  Initially we expect a small diameter and rather short hops.  OK for moving fuel though.  Yet we can slso expect to progress to large diameter wormholes, perhaps able to accomadate a railcar.

Now we all see the big payoff been cross continant which is highly impractical simply because the vector change is huge.  What is needed instead is short hops that the human body can easily handle.  Even ten mile jumps would be easy and really not mattet much if the physical component between gates is minimized.  I imagine it would still be disturbing though.

Jumping the Atlantic would have to be done through the ocean floor for best practise, but jumping hte Bering Strait should all be dry land.

Stations should be somewhere between ten to fifty miles apart in all possible directions.  This also forces a nodal system to be put in place as well which even allows good security.

TIME wormholes are a completely different matter and will be opened for scientific purposes.  Too easy to disturb the present in unwelcome ways.  The obvious application is establishing refugia in the present on secure sites such as islands to allo0w extyinct species to pass forward in TIME.  This is how we will repatriate all those unneeded extinctions back into the present.

Understand that we will also have effective comms with these creatures as well or tyhere will be little point to do much more..

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