Friday, December 30, 2022

Has American Democracy Been A Hallucination For Nearly 60 Years?

It is a question that must be asked. Certainly control has been captured by the CIA, one way or the other for this era and the only real exception was Reagan.  And he had George foisted on him vas his minder.  

I have good reason to think George was in charge of the Kill Box on the day in question.  We have actually covered this extensively on this blog over time as new eye witness data came in.  At least they are all dead now and enter the pages of history.

The level of vote conformation must be considered.  Vote swings should have been much greater than observed and what we have conforms to at least one party rigging key elections and not just Chicago.  The small observed vote shifts are really too good to be true and has only come apart during the past two elections with the voters becoming wise.

After all, If Trump delivered a literal 80% of the legitimate vote, The DEMs needed a 24/7 printing press to patch that hole.  Sure looked like it as well.

Has American Democracy Been A Hallucination For Nearly 60 Years?

12-20-2022 •, by Roger L. Simon

Call it a democracy, call it a democratic republic, call it a constitutional republic, call it anything you want - it doesn't really matter what America is if there is truth to what Tucker Carlson was reporting the other night via a source who had "direct knowledge" of still-hidden documents concerning the Kennedy assassination, implicating the CIA.

If indeed the CIA was in any way involved in the assassination of JFK on Nov. 22, 1963, then anything that has happened in the public sphere in our country since that day has basically been a hallucination created by an intelligence agency far deeper than most of us—certainly me, since I was never much given to conspiracy theories—ever imagined.

The affairs of the day—RNC chief Ronna McDaniel revealed to be a profligate spender on her own luxury travel, not on Republican candidates; Donald Trump releasing self-aggrandizing NFT pseudo-art as a fundraiser (rest in peace, Johannes Vermeer); even Elon Musk's exposure of the multiple mendacious censoring creeps behind Twitter, although that has an eerie similarity—pale by comparison to CIA involvement and, therefore, massive coverup for decades in the JFK assassination.

That former CIA director Mike Pompeo declined to appear on Carlson's show to discuss this is not insignificant. We all know about 51 intelligence officials—John Brennan and others who fallaciously claimed two years ago the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. They have to have known otherwise. Now this?

Why are 3 percent of the Warren Commission documents on the assassination still being hidden after those nearly 60 years with all the major players dead, if not to hide something of serious importance from the American public?

It's time to reconsider Oliver Stone's "JFK" that, though I admired Oliver's filmmaking, I originally thought to be a crackpot.

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