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A big winter FREEZE WAVE is coming for Western Europe and North America

This is as nasty as it gets and it is siberian spillover so it will likely blanket the continent.  Ouch.  Hopefully everyone is reasdy for the worst.  It really does not take much for most, but fixing it when it is happening is a bad idea.

at least gas energy is immune to all this and we all understand now that electrical delivery is much less reliable in the face of weather.

This should gives us a deep cold in the Arctic and likely knock back those gains seen for thirty years.  As I have posted. we are seeing a downward trendline there back toward the past standard.

A big winter FREEZE WAVE is coming for Western Europe and North America – learn winter survival tips and power grid BLACKOUT solutions from the Health Ranger in today’s podcast

Friday, December 16, 2022 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) In early 2021, those of us in Texas survived the Texas freeze-out which obliterated 1) The power grid, 2) Fuel supplies at gas stations, 3) Water pipes, 4) Cell towers, 5) Roads, 6) Grocery stores, 7) 911 services response.

Now another big freeze is looming over North America and parts of Western Europe, expected to plunge temperatures well below the seasonal average beginning around Dec. 22nd in North America.

The Epoch Times is reporting that NERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) is expecting power blackouts across vast regions, including Texas, the Great Lakes and New England, adding:

Meanwhile, a “large portion” of the U.S. power grid is at risk of insufficient electricity supplies during peak winter conditions, the agency concluded in the same analysis.

In other words, it’s about to get cold and dark, all while vegetable prices have exploded by 38% in just the last month, and 80% in the last year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Prepare now and beat the rush

Beginning in about six days or so, things are going to get very dicey for millions of people in North America. In today’s podcast, I share some of the hard-earned lessons I learned in the Texas freeze of early 2021. Here are some of the highlights (but listen to the full podcast, below, for more detailed advice):Head to the stores in advance of the storm to stock up on food and supplies. Beat the rush. Understand that extreme weather will also likely cause disruptions in restock deliveries at retailers, so shelves may be partially empty for many days both during and after the freeze wave.

Prepare for pipes to burst, and make a plan to shift away from PVC or copper pipes to PEX pipes, which are far easier to repair and can handle the expansion of water freezing without bursting. Stockpile some PEX pipe repair tools (couplers, rings, bands, crimpers, etc.) and you’ll beat the post-freeze rush which may wipe out plumbing supplies at local hardware stores.

Have backup communications for when the power grid fails. Cell towers only have a few hours of power from local generators, and those generators run on gas. When the power grid fails, gas stations can’t pump gas, so no one can get gas to the generators to run the cell towers. This is why satellite phones and satellite messaging devices make so much sense – they work when the cell towers don’t. See for satellite phone and text messaging solutions from our sponsor.

Own off-grid power systems or so-called solar generators (power stations) that have on board charge controllers and inverters. EcoFlow and Jackery are two brands recognized for their quality. Much larger scale units worth considering include Bluetti. These allow you to charge batteries, electronic devices, laptop computers and even, in some cases, run freezers during short blackouts. (Check your freezer power draw and understand the limitations of these units in terms of inverter capacity and total kWh of energy available. The EcoFlow devices and solar panels are also available at (Shop there instead of at Amazon in order to support pro-liberty businesses.)

Have a backup supply of cash, since ATMs won’t work and credit card processing won’t function when the grid is down. You might also consider “junk silver” coins or other means of barter or exchange. Remember, when the power goes out, retailers can’t process digital payments. Cash may be the only thing that works.

For backup heat that requires no complex installation, remember that you can burn isopropyl alcohol (IPA or Ethanol) indoors using alcohol fireplaces or stoves, given that IPA burns cleanly and requires no stovepipe exhaust. Importantly, be extremely cautious about any open flames indoors, and beware of flammable materials, children and pets. Have a fire extinguisher available and don’t leave fires unattended. Practice all necessary safety precautions if you choose to invoke this emergency measure for off grid heat.

In this video on, I reveal how to make an alcohol stove using a paint can and a roll of toilet paper. See it here:

A grab from the video, showing the toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, paint can and a fire extinguisher. You can use this alcohol stove to heat small spaces or boil water.

I recommend buying 99% IPA for this purpose. Here’s a picture of an ethanol fireplace sold on Amazon. (Ethanol is another generic name for isopropyl alcohol. Note that it’s being used indoors and it needs no smokestack. The top can even be used as a warming surface.) Be aware that trying to heat your house all the time with this kind of solution will be exceedingly expensive due to the cost of ethanol. But as a backup heat source in emergencies, it’s ideal. The description claims it “heats a large space of up to 470 square feet” and “requires zero electricity, gas, chimney, flue, or costly ventilation system.”

I haven’t personally used this item so can’t vouch for its quality, but it’s one of many worth considering.

Have a battery boost device to help you start vehicles with weak batteries (that get even weaker in the cold). After buying and trying lots of these devices, I’ve come to appreciate the NOCO Boost Pro series (not a sponsor), which flawlessly and reliably starts engines on diesel trucks, cars, tractors and much more. The GB150 model is the most applicable to consumer use. This is the device that allowed me to start an excavator that enabled me to save my dog who had fallen through the ice in January of 2021. It has reverse polarity protection and a number of safety features, and in my experience it works every time.

Learn more tips and survival strategies in today’s Situation Update podcast:

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