Friday, December 23, 2022

David Eck and Archons.

 David winkles out some useful information.  Not least the presense of archons in every culture and also religion.  We have conforming information.

1  They are clearly spirit body beings.  So are we, but encased in 3D matter.
2  Like our spirit bodies, they emit in the blue spectrum.
3  They are also known as Djinn among many names.
4   They lack emotion.  They appear unable to truly enter a human shell although they may well command an occupied human shell.
5   They actively manipulate the human race to their own ends.
6   Doing this, they promote death cults.

This is what we know about them We are starting to gain clarity.

could it be that human spirits are modified through living through the Earth experience and exercising emotion?  Emotions are physically operated.  In fact all our decisions are typically switched with emotions.  A spirit body having experienced life in 3D will have a completely different understanding than any Djinn or unexposed spirit body.  It could well be that gaining access to the 3D environment needs permissipn at least.

What is true is that we have really narrowed down our understanding of spiritual development.

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