Friday, December 30, 2022

Third wrinkling event reported as Vaccine Injury


My contact just reported a third wrinkling event.  This time the girl is 43.  And poor response to creams and all that.  This one is simply an impossibility.

Of course, this is Vaccine injury indicated as if there could be the slightest doubt although we can expect the sophists to expound learnedly that it is not.

This is still a low level event, but likely late emergent.  Understand there is likely extensive micro clotting and this cuts of small capilleries and that causes a retreat in the underlying flesh unless it is actively replaced ande vigorously as well.  Early aging like this is predictable.

We lost a lot of athelites early to this ongong problem, and those putting out far less effort would see emergent issues much later as these are.

I so want to discover the level of vaccine injury in our general population..  Are 5, 000,000,000 injured and actually terminal?  We still are been fed scientific lies by the perps and real science is way back catching up.

What i am reporting here is a local discovery of three impossibilities, all JABed.  I do hope we are not seeing the beginning of a death march.

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Rima E Laibow MD said...

I wish you had presented data, photos, documentation, rather than a loose commentary. I have no doubt that we are, in fact, very much on a death march of the jabbed and those contaminated by the jabbed. For that reason, it is utterly imperative that we commit significant resources immediately to finding out what is actually happening in the bodies of those impacted and how to reverse the damage, detoxify and disinfect the materials in their bodies (both those injected and those produced) and then make the necessary repair and restoration available to everyone, everywhere.
That requires a real "Operation Warp Speed" devoted to health, not death and enslavement.
Oh, and along the way we MUST rid ourselves of the murderous WHO and its control system, the UN and the horrifying Agenda (read, "genocide") 2030. Every aspect of that monstrous plan is designed to strip us of our autonomy and subjugate those who are permitted to live.
Check out for things you can actually do to stop the rapidly approaching, well-financed and engineered cataclysm.