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Victoria Nuland's Rage on Upcoming Trump Summits


The whole Neocon enterprise was something only the military industrial complex could love and their rationales have steadily become more outrageous.

That Cheney moved seamlessly from high office to Halliburton high office was always disturbing.  Under Reagan we essentially had no wars because he choked them off.  With H W Bush and since we have never let up.  Even Saddam felt that he had been set up and the interesting question is just how much.

All the same names are still out there and Trump has been piece by piece dismantling the whole rubbish heap.  So we now hear their rage as they know full well that their whole Russian meme has been contrived and that Trump and Putin know.

This is one reason i am seriously optimistic about Helsinki.  Putin has plenty to share with Trump and the reverse is true.  The bigger plan is an United States of Europe built out of the EU and Russia et al with a prospective Russian president who can work with Trump to implement a plan western political hegemony.  Such a system will see an elected president following the American model to a large degree simply because of the living experience

This approach can be enhanced by ending poverty but that is not necessary to get it all going....


Victoria Nuland's Rage on Upcoming Trump Summits 

Written by Stephen Lendman  
Date: 07-08-2018 
Subject: United States

Victoria Nuland's Rage on Upcoming Trump Summits

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Hardcore neocon extremist Nuland was Obama's point person on Ukraine as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

By coup d'etat, she orchestrating the country's transformation from democratic governance to Nazi-infested putschist rule - a despicable character by any standard, remaining unaccountable for years of high crimes.

She's now a neocon Brookings foreign policy senior fellow, serving also as CEO for the hard-right militant Center for a New American Security.

The CNAS team includes hardcore warmongers Richard Armitage, Michele Flournoy, Joe Lieberman, former NATO chief Philip Breedlove, and Madeleine Albright, among many others.

Nuland earlier served in both Republican and undemocratic Dem regimes as US permanent representative to NATO, involvement in a Russophobic task force, and as Dick Cheney's principal deputy national security advisor, among other public positions.

Her husband Robert Kagan co-founded the infamous warmongering Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

She and Kagan represent the worst of Washington's dark side, supporting endless imperial wars, deploring democratic values at home and abroad.

The NYT disgracefully gave her feature op-ed space, a platform for her venom, calling two upcoming summits "a moment of truth for Trump."

On July 11 and 12, he'll attend the NATO summit in Brussels, then meet with Putin in Helsinki, Finland for summit talks on July 16.

Joining the Trump bashing chorus for the wrong reasons, Nuland claimed he'll "either restore American global leadership or kill it off, depending on how he plays our hand."

She urged NATO unity as a US imperial arm, failing to explain it's a killing machine unrelated to maintaining security for its member states - none threatened by Russia or any other nations.

A hardcore Russophobe, Nuland supports toughness in dealing with Vladimir Putin - turning truth on its head, calling him "an autocrat…who is set on undermining our democracy and global position."

Despite its imperfections, Russian democracy is real - in contrast to fantasy democracy in America and the West where only its illusion exists, not the real thing because of rogue actors like Nuland and countless others like her.

She and likeminded US extremists abhor world peace, stability, rule of law principles and democratic values.

They're serial liars, Nuland falsely blaming Russia for bilateral discord with America. She disgracefully accused Putin of "neutered decision-making at all other levels of his government" - a bald-faced lie!

She supports unacceptable increases in military spending by NATO members - instead of responsibly urging large cutbacks to free up funds for vital domestic needs gone begging.

She lied accusing Moscow of "territorial ambitions" - a longstanding US and Israeli specialty. 

She turned truth on its head, claiming "Putin survives on a governance model that requires $60-per-barrel oil, total political control of his citizenry and a kleptocratic stranglehold on the economy…reform impossible without more power-sharing than he will allow."

Housekeeping begins at home, the US infested with public and private corruption. One-party governance rules with two right wings, perpetually at war on humanity.

Plutocracy and kleptocracy defines US governance, not democracy Republicans and undemocratic Dems abhor.

Nuland's litany of Big Lies continued, falsely accusing Russia of aggression in Ukraine and Syria, disgracefully saying Putin wants "the United States out of Syria so that Russian forces can take over the eastern oil fields we now protect, and use income from those fields to pay for the war, among other motives."

Russia got involved in Syria at the request of Damascus to help its forces combat US-supported terrorists. Putin's principle aim is keeping these cutthroat killers from invading Russia's heartland - better to fight them abroad than at home.

He works cooperatively with other countries. Washington exploits them worldwide, demanding subservience to its will.

Nuland supports this deplorable agenda, including endless US wars of aggression in pursuit of its destructive hegemonic aims. 

The NYT and other media scoundrels endorse the same thing.

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