Monday, July 23, 2018

GOD's Intent and the rise of Cyrus.

This is a very important teaching that i am sharing with you today. It will assist you in understanding the present.

First though i do want to address the memes of history.  Humanity has been shepherded forward to the present by a steady stream of interventions from the other side.  The other side is the community of our Dark Matter spirit beings who transition back and forth from second tier matter forms ( Dark Matter ) to operating third tier matter forms ( our atomic world ).  All this is directed by GOD which is best understood as best intent.  Through history GOD has made choices and pushed initiatives all directed at shaping humanity.

Understand that the elimination of forty million living Indians in South America during the fifteenth century is of zero consequence if it frees up those souls or spirits to reenter life in a better state that advances their spirit life.  Once you understand this and then understand that we also choose our experiences including the day of our death before we are born and that our spirit body is as physical as our present bodies, your perspective is completely rewritten.  This is also a great comfort.

Now understand that GOD is not a person but an intent.   Mathematically, several logic operators underlie all actions in the universe and act directly on arguments or objects to effect a decision true or false.  Rigorously a Domain of objects are converted to a Range of objects.  GOD is the sixth logic operator that decides if this Range is good and provides consciousness itself to the universe.  Obviously GOD must act through us by indirect means.

Time is switching from page to page through the action of these operators and is not continuous. This allows for page adjustment and to do this as an ongoing activity.  Thus our present is partially informed and adjusted by our near future.  Again it is possible to make choices regarding your future experiences to a significant degree and this actually happens before we are born.

Understanding this makes the importance of Christ and Jesus clear.   Jesus appeared to provide a body of teaching and to launch a CHRIST movement that GOD could then nurture.  Constantine appeared to bind all the available strands of spiritual doctrine including Sol Invistus, Mithras, and Krishna into Christianity to continue this initiative.  We can go on and on here.  It is GOD's intent that matters whoever is chosen to step on the stage.

Now prophetic sources have outlined our present through scriptural allusions to the story of Cyrus and Jezebel no less.  The Trump narrative has been cast in those terms to provide guidance and comfort  for those able to see.  GOD's present intent is to establish Heaven on Earth now.  It is now possible and also plausible as i have been outlining in some detail in this blog for the past eleven years.  

The crushing advent of universal electronic surveillance is unexpectedly serving to end corruption as a ruling force in all forms of governance.  The rise of the Rule of Twelve as presaged by Jesus two thousand years ago and the end of poverty itself through the application of the natural community will establish heaven on earth and allow Terra to be fully terraformed into a restored Garden of Eden.

This is obviously a massive shift in human understanding and human well being.



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