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Hiker Confronts Invisible Bipedal Entity

This took place in the same locale as one of the most famous Sasquatch reports back from the Twenties by a Prospector who was captured at night and carried back to a Sasquatch den with the Sasquatch family no less.
This is a prime confirmation of the ability of certain intelligent animals to block our ability to see them in broad daylight.  There is now plenty of additional confirmation and all appear to be Sasquatch related so far.
The alien association is unnecessary as this is a skill we may well have ourselves that we had blocked along with mind to mind communication 45,000 years ago during our Fall from Eden event.  Of course it is also obvious that aliens would be using this skill.  This would hugely solve the problem of alien populations going unreported except by extreme accident.  Such reports are clearly accidental while we are not observing a group of them trooping down an open trail which should be much more common.
This is an important insight and it is even possible that professional biological researchers are unwittingly been told off to prevent serious investigation.  How else might we explain such blinding stupidity?

We here in this blog have wonderfully explored the nature of the Sasquatch and have proven its existence many times over.  Even without the advantage of my methodology, any competent scientist runs smack into a wall of evidence that sooner or later simply cannot be denied..

Hiker Confronts Invisible Bipedal Entity

Posted: 13 July

“I have encountered an entity which has some similarity to the "Flash." One problem is that we don't have names for these things. I was camping alone in the mountains as I used to do, for 4 weeks every Summer. I would spend a week here and a week there, just living and enjoying the freedom from the noise of civilization. Every Summer in early September, when the wild blueberries were ripe, I liked to camp in a spooky place where a friend had seen a Sasquatch years before. One can search Google Earth for "Port Mellon BC." Look up in the mountains, behind Port Mellon for the boundary of the Tetrahedron Park. That is where this site is located.

One morning, I walked up the steep hill away from my camper truck. I spent a few hours walking through the old growth rain forest, eating blueberries and listening. The morning fog cleared as I explored a ridge and the steep decline on the other side. On my return route, I had to walk down a steep rocky slope at the bottom of which I could see my truck. I negotiated this slope slowly using my walking stick and placing each step carefully. I mention this detail because my mental focus was down on my feet for the period of time that preceded my encounter with the entity. Finally, I stepped down off the last rock onto the flat ground near the front bumper of my truck. Looking around, I saw some bushes rattling, shaking. I thought there must be a squirrel there in the low vegetation just a few feet away. I stepped forward and poked at the vibrating bushes with my stout walking stick. The circle of rattling bushes suddenly expanded out to a few feet in diameter. This was abnormal as hell. I jumped back at the sudden increase in noise and motion. What happened next is difficult to describe because it was truly 'paranormal.'

It looked like a tall bipedal and invisible creature went running away from me. It ran at high speed up a steep slope. It was invisible but I could see its motion by the way it disturbed the vegetation. It made a hole in the forest as it ran. I repeat: It made a hole in the forest as it ran away from me up a steep hillside. I watched, looking into the hole, trying to see the creature that was making the hole. There was nothing to be seen in the hole. This was so flippin' strange that I never tried to tell anybody for years after. Then I was reading the comments section under a video on Youtube and there, a hunter told his story of a "hole in the forest" running past him. He was standing still, listening and looking around for a deer. He looked towards a sound and saw a hole in the forest moving at a fast running speed. It was coming towards him but he was too stunned to raise his rifle. "It", the entity, went close past him. He looked into the hole, but it was empty. His description and his thoughts were exactly the same as mine. This hunter guy and I had certainly experienced the same ENTITY. So, what do we call this thing? An invisible Sasquatch, a Shadow Person, The Predator (From the movie). I don't know.

By this time, I have found about 6 people who tell of an identical or similar experience. One was at night but the rest were in the daytime, in good light. It seems that the Entity wants to interact with the Human. It seems to want to scare the person. Although, in my case, I scared it. I think I poked it in the foot with my stick. I am speculating only a bit away from the evidence I have gathered.” - bimmjim

NOTE: This phenomenon occurs more than most people would think. Read this article I wrote several years ago - Actuality of Invisible Alien Beings. Are these non-corporeal beings, or possibly a form of 'cloak' used by a corporeal being? I plan to write a book on corporeal inter-dimensional alien & cryptid beings in the not-so-distant future. Lon

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