Saturday, July 28, 2018

Further Vril with Sepehr

This pair of podcasts describe what we may know about Russian knowledge of the Vril story.

The general shape of the tale is that a large group of German scientists and German loyalists were extracted to Antarctica.  From available evidence of German capabilities it is only plausible that individuals could have been extracted along with  a library.  Actual hardware would be very difficult even if shipped in neutral ships and then taken perhaps to South America. Continuing transport onward to Antarctica demanded a dedicated ship at least that was up to handling ice.  The only viable way would be to have a facility available to work with in the first place that was clearly outside the capabilities of anyone on Earth.

It does appear that around 100 submarines are really missing and the several thousand individuals as well.  None of this has ever been seriously disclosed.  What is also real is the 1947 expedition under Byrd which clearly ran into real opposition that we still pretend does not exist.  Also never talked about.

My point here is that they all had to have an in - place facility to go to.  The actual logistical support needed to transport them had to be available as well as the subs were not any good for carrying passengers at all.  Literally three or so in a closet.

That logistics is best explained by UFO transport which was fast enough to move even small groups at a time.  Either way, any such theory must have a alien component in order to successfully execute.  What we have is a body of evidence supporting the overall intent and a body of missing assets that cannot have simply disappeared into thin air.

We also know that the Germans were prohibited from using any alien tech for war making activities as well.  Throw in the expanding presence of  USA UFO operations and the discovery of earliest time frames and we have a huge body of evidence supporting the whole narrative.

Also understand that Germany was then the go to nation for all forms of scientific research and had most of the talent.  The remnants of that talent pool allowed the USA and Russia get a jump start on a lot of Space related knowledge ahead of the Space Race which forced STEM training into a massive launch in the early sixties.  They had to re create the German system for producing talent.

 Has Russia made a move towards UFO (卐) disclosure ahead of the United States? They called it Neuschwabenland, or New Swabia... Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology (archeogenetics).

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