Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Strategic situation

 There is a lot to be said regarding the current strategic situation.  without anyone noticing too much, China is been crushed.  I do think their alternative WAR was an act of self preservation for the CCP itself  but the damage will fall on hte citizens who will lack jobs supplying the global market for some time.

I also think that the massive russian callup is purposed to allow a safe Russian withdrawal from its Ukrainian adventure which at this point has simply failed.  Far better to withdraw that to expand the WAR in any manner.  Put the Ukrainians on the other foot.  Peace talks can actually address a globally managed Border Commision and population transfers.

Oil still matters for a while.  It can be replaced now by battery tech in sufficient scale and by nuclear systems for ample grid power.  Long term all nations can become energy independent.  That actually drives our battery rollout now.  None of this is a better solution, but it is certainly sufficient to end all energy chokepoints.

The WAR with the NWO is now likely winding down but remains secret.  Its resolution should see a rapid global reinvestment of capital to completely rebuild damaged supply chains.  If poverty is also globally ended, then it will be much better than all that.

A resolution with Russia should now finally lead to Russian integration with NATO and also lead to a European resurgence of Christiandom under the CHURCH and not the roman catholic church.  

It is worth saying this, but i remain nervously optimistic regarding our overall future.  The CCP and the NWO needs to be successfully replaced and not so easily done without certain insights not yet in view.  Right now, the deliberate faux withdrawal of applied USA military and also economic power has allowed bad actors to properly be surfaced.

The GREAT GAME remains afoot.


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