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Did Putin know the true state of his armed forces before invading Ukraine?


I seriously doubt it just because who would have actually told him?  what shocked me is that we saw a conscript army in the first days of the war.  That did not make any sense unless they had resisted upgrading to a better NATO standard since the times of the USSR.

and did they not improve from their wars in Afghanistan and Chechna?

What is obviously worse is that the Ukrainian army has become seriously better and can now carry the fight to the russians across a huge front.  and even properly use russian gear!  Just what were the russian officers doing during the last six months?  

Right now Russia must withdraw from the Donbas and also Crimea and sue for an armistise.  The russian people will not suppoort this  WAR and this means it is lost.

Did Putin know the true state of his armed forces before invading Ukraine?

Try not to choke on your coffee, Westernsky. This true story told by Ilya Barabanov to Michael Naki on his YouTube channel shows the Russian Armed Forces for what it is: a paper tiger.

At the beginning of April 2022, Ukrainian army intercepted messages between Russian troops in the north that revealed a peculiar ceremony that had recently taken place in Chernihiv Oblast, then occupied by the Russian Armed Forces. For the good measure, it was recorded by a crew of the military TV channel Star, affiliated with the Ministry of Defence.

A son, the officer of Russian Army, is awarded a medal for personal heroism by his father, the general of Russian Army, in front of TV cameras in Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine.

Lieutenant colonel Denis Alexandrovich Lapin Jr (left), commander of the 1st Guards Tank Regiment, part of the legendary 1st Guards Taman Motor Rifle Division, stationed in Moscow Oblast, receives a medal for the Siege of Chernihiv from his father, General Colonel Alexander Lapin, commander of the Central Military District, and his commander, too as they’re based in the same military district.

Ironically, on the same day when TV channel Star spoke about General Lapin awarding soldiers and officers medals for the liberation of Chernihiv Oblast, the Russian Army, including his son’s tank regiment, were retreating, or more like, running away as fast as they could abandoning tanks behind from Chernihiv, Kyiv and Sumi Oblasts.

Preceding the medal awarding ceremony, Denis Lapin’s Tank Regiment had been ordered to launch an attack on Kyiv, which he completely failed. Most of the regiment’s tanks were destroyed. Dozens of tank crews died, others were captured.

To this day, May 6th, many soldiers from the 1st Guards Tank Regiment are missing, and relatives do not get any information about their fate neither from Denis Lapin nor from his father.

Against the background of this military catastrophe, Denis Lapin, who’s lost most of the tanks of this elite regiment, receives a medal for personal heroism.

You can watch those tanks in the old footages of the May 9 Victory Day military parades on the Red Square as they participated every year with Denis Lapin in the lead tank sticking out of a tank turret.

Intercepted radio communication of the regiment revealed soldiers disrespecting commanders and complaining about awful supply lines and bad communication system. Up till the last moment, Lapin was telling his subordinates they were on the way to military exercises.

Then he abandoned them without any artillery support and, and a cherry on top…ladies and gentlemen, Denis Lapin, who received a medal from his dad for personal heroism, deserted his troops and never entered the territory of Ukraine.

Denis Lapin has lost so many tanks, destroyed and captured by the Ukrainian army, that it’s likely that 1st Guards Tank Regiment has been completely wiped out, and doesn’t exist anymore.

Denis Lapin lacks any military talents and made his career under his father’s guidance. He was supposed to spend the rest of his service in comfortable Moscow Oblast, in the elite Taman Division, once a year driving a tank across the Red Square and enjoying his massive salary… until Putin decided to go to war with Ukraine.

To add insult to injury, Denis Lapin not only received a medal for losing an elite tank regiment, but was also promoted to the Colonel rank.

Denis and Alexander Lapin still serve in the Russian Army.

Did Vladimir Putin know about the true state of the Russian armed forces? Of course, he did. After all, he ensured that every institution in this country is as corroded with nepotism and corruption as the army.

The truth is, and I might be hard for you accept with your rational Westernsky mind, Putin just didn’t give a shit.

The man is hell bent on destroying Russia probably because he doesn’t like the country nor its people.

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