Saturday, October 22, 2022

Disappearing medical records

 Disappearing medical records

This is an early warning notice to you all.  An individual who works for the City of Vancouver had the JAB and suffered consequences that led to a diagnosis of cardiac problems.  He recovered well enough to return to work but this was no small thing.

He then went in for his one year appraisal which is normal practise.  The doctor asked why he was there.  It turns out that his medical data had disappeared as if he was unaffected.  The doctor told him that this was his fifth case.

This obviously serves to hide the known impact of the JAB.

the take home for you all, is that if you have been Jabbed and had a bad expetrience, please get copies of all your test data for the next doctor so he is not flying blind.

I am hoping that everybody fully heals up from the JAB.  The death rate is still high and it should actually drop below the original levels.

I have noticed the plausibility of records been dissappeared related to potential insurance claims in the past, so this is likely practise in order to minimise damage to insurers.  They are certainly not secure and an agency exists with the doctors making it possible.

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