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As posted before, there is a huge secret WAR underway that we cannot really see except through an increasing silence.  That should soon end.  DUMBS that go BOOM appears to be ending according to this item.

Russia and China are convulsing but no one knows.  The Ukraine conflict should now end.

This item adds many more specifc details to what has been reported in the past and is a fair update.  The heavy fight is over and we won that.  That means disclosure is coming soon.

Russian Tribunals Have Begun, Large Scale DUMBs Are Being Destroyed,  Scare Event Coming

We're keeping Hopium alive today with this audio by SG Anon, who claims to be in touch with a White Hat source who tells him that Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud are working together, with a total of 32 nations to take down the Deep State mafia, worldwide.

He says Trump never left the Presidency, he just "left" for optics and for the sake of this operation. He says that the real Joe Biden died on March 31st, 2019 and that he is currently being played by an actor who was installed by the White Hats and who is there to help root-out the traitors in our bureaucracy.

He says the war is essentially won but that the threat of assassination is still real and how when you’ve cornered an animal, it fights the hardest – and that's where they’re at, right now.

He says Trump will be arrested as part of this operation and he still doesn't believe that the Midterm Elections will be held on November 8th.


SG Anon starts by saying, "We have a worldwide mafia syndicate, a worldwide control structure that is entrenched in money, finance, power, government, economics and law all around the world. This particular mafia has controlled how money is valued and how money is used, replicated and circulated for many hundreds of years."

This power structure can be summed-up in the infamous quote of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

SG Anon says, "They are lawless, they are evil and they are bent on world domination and forced population reduction, which is a fantastically polite way of saying 'mass genocide on a global scale'."

History has been written by the victors, who have ruled over us for millennia behind the scenes. Just about everything taught in the educational system, including graduate, doctoral and fellowship programs, as well as scientific research and academia and text books were created to support certain narratives.

Much of what we've been taught have been lies or at best, incomplete truths. Much of what we've been taught to be "true" or "just the way things are" are actually neither.

He explains that we are at a point, for the first time in human history where this corrupt club is being revealed all over the world and that Trump's 2016 victory was the beginning of the end for them.

He says that starting in 2001, deep military intelligence and deep military patriots began outlining and implementing the final phases for a full worldwide takedown of this evil group. He says:

"I can tell you unequivocally that [9/11] was a Black Hat operation. It had one main purpose and many side purposes that branched from the main purpose. The main purpose was to prevent the financial system of the world from being changed.

"There is a law signed by President Bill Clinton at gunpoint by Special Forces from the United States Army called the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). This law was buried by the Bush administration and that burial process was completed with the appointment/confirmation and seating of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, John Roberts.

"John Roberts has been implicated in an elite child trafficking scheme involving former Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence and involving adoption agencies and CPS organizations in the United States."

The above criminal accusations about John Roberts (not about NESARA) are identical to the affirmations/affidavits of former Maryland US Senate candidate, Jon McGreevey and filed by attorney, Lin Wood.

SG Anon continues, "John Roberts is also a Knight of Malta – formerly, now that that particular organization has been dissolved – and a Jesuit.

"So, between the Bush administration of 2000-2008, the appointment of several corrupt Supreme Court justices beholden to a Deep State agenda between 2004 and 2014 and then, the presidency of Hussein Obama from 2008 to 2016, that entire period of time in the United States was not reflective of the will of the People. President Obama cheated his way to victory in 2012 and George W Bush cheated his way to victory in 2004-2005."

In other words, the will of the people and the direction of the country have been divergent for a very long time. He continues:

"The military was ready, as early as 2011 to begin enacting a process to forcefully remove Barack Obama. The military had evidence, going all the way back to before 2000 and certainly through the first decade of the 2000s to implicate them and their whole group in Treason, Sedition, Crimes Against Humanity/Children, etc...

"However, that plan was tabled when the military reached out to several patriotic billionaires who had celebrity appeal, likeability with the people and obviously, were not beholden to other interests. The man who agreed to run for President of the United States was Donald J Trump.

"The presidency of Donald J Trump, beginning in 2015 during the campaign and leading through 2016 and up to 2018 and 2020, that entire period of time was the unfolding of the first large operational phase of a years'-long military coup in the United States.

"The option was to remove the traitors from all levels of government, so including Congress, the bureaucracy in DC, all of the Federal Agencies, many of the state agencies, many state governments, including governors, the President of the United States at the time [Obama], as well as his entire administration and approximately 40% of the United States military, as well.

"The option was to do all of that by force and risk throwing the country and the entire world into a conflict that simply could not keep the lid on – or to do so as quietly and covertly as possible, having the power of the lawful Executive of he United States.

"The NSA monitored the Election of 2016. The NSA helped to un-rig and ensure that the Election of 2016 went to the appropriate and correct winner. That individual, as we all know was President Donald J Trump."

SG Anon says that there is a worldwide collaboration of military patriots all over the world and that he checked a flight radar app this week and saw military planes from 10 separate countries flying in US airspace. He says that likewise, you'll find US National Air Guard and US Navy flying over other countries right now.

SG Anon says that all of the actions and meetings of the Trump Presidency were towards fortification to ensure the country could withstand the "cleaning operation" through which we've been living for the past almost-2 years and which is about to go into a much more public and dynamic phase.

He says the original plan was to lock down the global population for 3 to 5 years and then to make the Death Shot the only condition of coming out of the lockdown, saying:

"This forced-vaxxination campaign tied directly into the weaponization of a technology called 5G. 5G, in an of itself is a frequency range that can be harmful or helpful, depending on who is controlling the emitters and the receivers.

"The technology...was designed to be a mass murder weapon, because it was designed to shred your blood cells. The COVID vaxxines contain various substances that are toxic to the body. Some of those substances can be activated and controlled with 5G frequencies and made to behave in certain ways.

"Nanotechnology has also been present in many of those Kill Shots, especially from Pfizer and Moderna and so that was yet another angle. This was going to play out towards a mass depopulation and then those who survived would lose their freewill...

"These shots were give them control over those electrochemical processes [in the brain]. They were literally going hijack your ability to think for yourself.

"This worldwide alliance that President Trump and many other world leaders formed has undertaken the largesse task of bringing to justice the teeth of this power structure, while simultaneously informing the entire population of the world and the free peoples of the world just what was going on, what almost happened to them and how we can move forward from here as civilization."

Meanwhile, he says the fake US Government is imploding and that some actors were placed by the White Hats into the Government to play their roles; "Joe Biden" has played the Judas Goat and the Biden Regime is designed to cripple the American Deep State apparatus and to simultaneously show it for what it is to the American People.


SG Anon says that one of the reasons why the White Hats didn't go in and end the Joe Biden Presidency on January 22nd, 2021 after the fake inauguration was due to threats by the Deep State of dirty nukes being set off in large population centers of the US.

The international military patriot alliance has since been quietly hunting down and neutralizing the estimated 20 nuclear warheads that had gone missing since the Cold War and to neutralize other threats, in addition to destroying the networking, tunneling and trafficking systems around the world.

He says there are tunnels leading from the Baltic to Ukraine, amid the 37,000 miles of tunnels that exist throughout Eastern Europe, which are being destroyed by the international patriot coalition, while Vladimir Putin is handling the public-facing part of removing the Nazis from Ukraine.

He says the Ukraine government, installed illegally via a CIA coup in 2014 will fall and that Zelenskyy has not been within Ukraine's borders for months. Meanwhile, Russia is starting war crimes tribunals in Donbas, in which contractors of the CIA and US biomedical firms will stand trial.

Hillary Clinton's charter was to take the United States into a global nuclear war and to take the United States into a global pandemic with a pathogen that was actually very lethal, developed in the Ukrainian labs that Putin has now neutralized.

Belarus is getting involved in the Ukraine conflict, as Russia deploys 300,000+ troops for a full scale invasion to finish what they started.

SG Anon says that rumors of US light infantry divisions being deployed into the Ukrainian countryside without declaring war are "unfortunately true", as there are factions within the US military that are loyal to the Globalist Manchurian Biden Regime. He says they're about to be taken out by the patriots in the military and that this is an unfortunate scenario that will be played out all over the world, in which militaries will be taking out the Globalist agents within their ranks.

SG Anon believes that the treasonous General Mark Milley will be implicated in helping Ukraine to either detonate a dirty weapon or conceal an attempt to detonate a dirty weapon. He says:

"General Milley was detained and given a part to play about July of last year...He was removed from command by Marine Corps General David Berger and a platoon of Marine MPs.

"This happened around the same time that Major General Daniel Hokanson of the National Guard Bureau was also identified as a traitorous asset and given a 'tropical reservation' [at the 'spa' in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba].

"The next few weeks that we're going to live through are going to be life-changing and world-changing. They will be clarifying in ways that we never really thought possible. They will be comforting to anons and patriots everywhere."

He says he stands by his previous prediction that the 2022 Midterm Elections will not be held, saying that a nuclear event, such as a nuclear false flag on US soil would be cause for the fake Biden Regime to suspend the electoral process but that he can't imagine the White Hat command allowing such a devastating weapon to be used.

He says that CGI and advanced filmmaking could be used to create the illusion of something that absolutely did not happen, adding, "We are waiting for a very large national event of some sort, either in the United States or somewhere in Europe or the rest of the world that directly affects and draws in the United States."

He says there are still a few days left in October and that the 31st is Halloween, which is a Luciferian feast day. Regardless, he says our vindication is at hand.

He drops some intel on California listeners, telling them that they will be experiencing quakes up and down the coast over the next several days, which he says are indicative of "full-scale tunnel destruction". He says recently, 3,500 children were rescued from the DUMB beneath the US Navy base at China Lake.

He says the recent explosions heard at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC were related to the destruction of tunnels in that city.

Having emptied these bases of their victims and perpetrators and completed their intelligence-gathering, he says they are now working on the physical destruction of these apparatuses of evil.


He says this war is not just about the peoples of the world versus the Deep State. This is its current physical manifestation but he says this war goes back thousands of years.

"The war that is playing out, that we are a part of, is a war between the Almighty Creator of everything, the endless love that sustains life everywhere, in all of the realms, for all of everything versus its very antithesis: The Evil One.

"The minions of the Evil One have controlled this particular realm for thousands of years. We, as human beings and mankind are created in the image and likeness of that Source Creator. Man is the only creature in the world that is endowed with the ability to select its emotions based on its environment. We are also the only lifeform in the world endowed with the ability to conjure organic, original creation that has not been seen before."

He says that we, his listeners, as people who are waking up earlier than others are very important to the mass Great Awakening that is currently underway; that we'll be needed to help facilitate this.

He finishes by saying that, "We're going to go through a short period of intense discomfort and public disclosure, all of which will lead us into what I believe is the greatest life that we could live, outside of being reunited with the Creator."

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