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Hong Kong Removes Statue That Memorialized Tiananmen Victims

This needs to be read.  Certain claims and intentions become far more plausible.  This is a global WAR most of which we cannot see.

The BIG problem was changing China.  The same also holds true everywhere, but the weight of time will overwelm most of that.  China was big enough to drive real opposition.  My key point is that China had to change as quickly as the developed world.

So here we have a real hint of what has been going on..

NY Times: Hong Kong Removes Statue That Memorialized Tiananmen Victims

DECEMBER 27, 2021

The decision to take down the “Pillar of Shame,” an enduring symbol of the territory’s pro-democracy movement, was another sign of Beijing’s crackdown on political dissent.

Though CIA / MI6 -infested Hong Kong was transferred back to Chinese sovereignty way back in 1997, the Global Deep State retained a large measure of hidden "stay behind" influence in the autonomous region that had come under British control following the "Opium Wars" of the 19th Century. This insidious influence really manifested itself in the "spontaneous" anti-mainland "Umbrella Revolution" uprising of 2014 -- a Soros / CIA "color revolution" operation all the way.

Through patient maneuvering, restrained influence and tacit approval from Donald Trump, Xi Jinping's 'White Hat" faction has ultimately prevailed over both China's version of the Deep State (aka Shanghai faction) and the CIA. Hong Kong -- much to the dismay of Sulzberger's Slimes and the westernized student libtards who got suckered into the Umbrella Scam -- has finally been cleansed of Deep State intrigue, both foreign and domestic.

Jens Galschio is the leftist Danish artist and "human rights activist" ™ who created the 26-foot-tall Pillar of Shame -- an ugly-ass eyesore which "memorialized" the victims of the 1989 "massacre" in Beijing's Tienanmen Square. The dismantling and removal of this obscenity from Hong Kong University marks Xi's (pronounced "Zhee") exclamation point emphasizing the severing of the umbilical cord that connected affluent Hong Kong (population: 7.5 million) to Washington. You see, that 1989 "uprising" which had to be put down was also a Soros-CIA operation along the lines of Eastern Europe's phony "Velvet Revolutions" of that same time period.

CIA Student Organizer: Josh Wong

Deep State media -- in a frantic effort to hold on to their Hong Kong outpost -- pimped the "spontaneous" CIA/Soros student-led "Umbrella Revolution" hard. It failed.

The removal of the ugly propaganda sculpture depicting twisted human bodies is a sign that the subversive rebellion is over.

* The Illuminati "Goddess of Liberty" statues have also just been removed from Hong Kong universities. (here)

Provincial westerners -- both libtards and FOX patriotards -- often fall into the trap of viewing the Chinese "Communist" Party as a monolith, simply because it is the only party. The reality of the situation is that the party has internal factions which, in essence, function as sometimes-cooperating & sometimes-opposing parties -- very similar to the Demonrat-Republican't axis that has existed in America for many years.

But in much the same way that Trump (who has boasted that he and Xi "love each other") has purged the Republican't Party of so many of its corrupt Deep State "moderates" (Ryan, McStain, Cheney, Bush, Flake, Corker et al) while slowly grinding "Biden's" Demonrats into national decline -- Xi Jinping has similarly upended the existing factions of China: namely the coastal establishment Shangai Faction and the Marxist CYL (Communist Youth League) Faction. Xi's harsh anti-corruption drive against the Chinese "Deep State" has resulted in the purging of members of both the Shanghai Gang and CCYL, as well as the military. Indian political analyst Srijan Shukla reveals the extent of Xi's purging of the Black Hats of China:

"The six Chinese cities that dominate the country’s economy, are now all run by Xi’s men. This was not the case during Xi’s first term, and most of these appointments were only made around 2016-17, when Xi had already consolidated power. Of the 62 provincial/municipal party secretaries and the provincial governors or mayors of China’s 31 province-level administrations, 57 (92%) have been replaced since 2017,” writes Cheng Li in his paper Xi Jinping’s “Progress.”

Xi has not only appointed his loyalists to almost all significant positions across China, but has done so with the intent of side-lining the members of previous two dominant factions, the Shanghai Gang and CCYL." (emphasis added)

In short, the "authoritarian" Xi, has put both the crooked crony capitalists (Shanghai Clique) and the radical Marxist Maoists (CCYL) out of business. The US Deep State (itself badly weakened by Trump's purges) doesn't have any Chinese partners to scheme with now. They've lost Hong Kong and may, in the future, also lose libtarded Taiwan. And that is what the western Fake News means when it whines about "the stifling of political dissent" in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

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