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Global Project to Eradicate Viruses Without a Vaccine and Attempts to Stop it

Aloe Vera is not the only solution as well but the FDA is apparently complicit in actually suppressing healing modualities.   This particularly is seen around Vitamins C & D by the way whose large dise adoption powers the immune system and ends chronic scurvy in the population.

In short, they go from simply interfering with the science to promoting science fraud as well in order to work against your health to promote their schemes to sell faux cures.

I want to say otherwise, but what is been flushed to the surface now that all eyes are on it all is not a pretty picture.

His beverage is cold pressed aloe vera juice with citrus juice.  I suspect that is hard to get.  I would use as good as you can get, or grow and make your own while adding a full teaspoon of ascorbic acid as well.  Honey is likely neeeded as well.

Global Project to Eradicate Viruses Without a Vaccine and Attempts to Stop it

Operation Disclosure | By Steve Davis, Guest Writer

May 1, 2020

The entire world’s focus seems to be on one thing right now: the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and how to kill the virus. Tens of millions of Americans want to use a natural product over vaccines and FDA therapies.

Years ago, I developed a natural virus killer -- an antiviral whole leaf aloe vera drink. It successfully stops all virus diseases. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) are on a warpath with me and why I am sharing my story.

If the proposal now being considered by Congress is approved, my aloe vera drink will soon be distributed through the US Military to anyone who wants to build up their immune system (T-4 Cells). The United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will joint venture to operate what’s being called US Aloe Vera Immune.

Aloe Vera, God’s medicine plant

Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, my mother always had an aloe vera plant in the kitchen for health applications for us kids. When Alexander the Great was in battle, they applied aloe vera to wounds of the men, and his warriors were back up and fighting the next day. I was amazed.

By profession, I am a mining/aerospace engineer. Back in the 1970s, I was assistant to the president of Northrop University, Inglewood, California. I later worked with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) at the University of Utah, dealing with biomedical research and STEM education.

HIV was identified in 1983. Because of my former position at Northrop, I met Army Colonel Deborah Birx in 1985. This was at the time when the AZT drug was submitted to the FDA for approval. I knew that AZT killed people, and I confronted Dr. Birx on the drug. Was she ever upset!

AIDS is part of the New World Order depopulation agenda. AIDS was created in a lab and put into the smallpox vaccination to widely distribute the virus through the black and gay populations. The pharmaceutical industry benefits from the medications and owns the FDA; they are totally in it for the money.

In 1985, the same year I met Dr. Birx, I was at UCLA, translating the Dead Sea Scrolls for my uncle. Within the Book of Ezekiel, it stated that God created the aloe plant as God’s medicine plant. I was so impressed with the healing potential of aloe that I traveled to the Island of Dominica, West Indies in 1986 and purchased a plantation with one million aloe plants.

Being an engineer, I designed a processing plant which produced a whole leaf cold finished product. I put the aloe drink in a 20 oz. bottle like a soda pop drink and added citrus acid. Since 10 million people in US do not have a good immune system, I knew we could use aloe to build immune system in a simple, natural way.

I harvested and produced the products by myself and documented it all to the hilt. In 1986, I organized a public company and had worldwide rights to the technology. Had I not put the marketing of the aloe vera products in the public company, I would be dead by now.

I invested millions in aloe operations all over the world as a natural option, directly against FDA and the World Health Organization. I dealt with the government and took on the FDA and WHO. They hated my guts because my aloe application was curing cancer and curing AIDS.

Over 30 years ago, I took my product to the Brigham Young University Microbiology & Molecular Biology Departments for testing of the mucopolysaccharide. The results were great.

In Dallas, Texas, we tested over 3,500 annual flu victims by having them stop using their flu vaccines and drinking our 20 oz. aloe drink each day. 100% of the testers terminated their annual flu experience. Results showed that the aloe vera product was an effective, holistic application to fight viruses.

Attacks on Natural Healing

In 1992, President George H. W. Bush Sr., who supported the FDA, signed an executive order that all virus treatments had to go through the CDC and FDA.

Motivated to bring out the truth, I took a film crew to Texas A&M/Baylor and created testimonials of my soda pop drink working against AIDS, cancer virus and other virus situations like Epstein Barr and candida with total cure.

The video was presented by Wayne Osmond (one of the Osmond brothers) with Dr. Terry Pulse MD. We did a limited marketing test. Links to the videos follow:

Pres. George H.W. Bush, Sr. got wind of my doing videos with Dr. Terry Pulse on natural healing. George Bush, Sr. had been the CIA director before becoming president, and he didn’t like me.

Through Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, Pres. Bush contacted my family and told me to cease marketing in the United States or be held in contempt. “Davis had better cease and desist or the President will have him arrested for contempt for false advertisement.”

I was on his hit list, and so was Terry. in 1993, three months after I had the brilliant doctor filmed by KUTV television, thirty-eight-year-old Dr. Terry Pulse died.

Harry Reid recruited Mitt Romney in Boston (who became a CIA agent in 1976 under George H.W. Bush, Sr.) to work with him against my Nevada operations. In 1993, I sued medical doctors and bankers for embezzling $40,000. They tried to stop my aloe vera technology from being used in IV treatments for building up the immune system of the general public.

Since then, I have worked under the radar. My original aloe plantation was located on the island nation of Dominica. Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Erika devastated the island in August 2015. Dominica was again struck by Category 5 Hurricane Maria in September 2017. The plantation was left in ruins.

What’s Happening Now

At the present time, there is not one aloe vera plantation in the United States. The CDC and WHO don’t want me to go public with any of this information. That’s why I’m working through the elected US representatives. It is the only avenue to by-pass the Cabal’s push for a mandatory vaccination for COVID-19.

Last week, I was invited by the US Senate to send in a proposal, which I did. The resolution is now under consideration by the US Senate to get a natural resolution to the virus instead of through the FDA.

I am working with President Donald Trump, the president of Mexico and US Attorney General William Barr on US Aloe Vera Immune. It is a proposal to convert tobacco farms into aloe vera plantations. We will get orders, plant the plants and have product available soon thereafter.

We need to create a dialog all over the world to demand a natural way to kill viruses.

Viruses are tiny bits of nucleic acids that contain information and use your body’s cells to create more copies of themselves. Viruses are parasitic, meaning they need living cells or tissue in order to grow. Once a virus makes its way into your body, it will take over your healthy cells and use them to multiply. Some viruses even kill host cells as part of this process.

People are vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses that are caused by viruses, especially in the winter. Examples of viral infections include the common cold, the flu, cold sores, chicken pox, measles and COVID-19.

There are very few treatments (allopathic or natural) that can kill a virus outright, as usually a virus must run its course. Antibiotics do nothing against viruses. Antiviral drugs become less effective with time and have many side effects. At the end of the day, the thing that kills viruses is your own immune system.

Aloe Vera is God’s medicine, a plant that strengthens the immune system. It’s proven to work on all viral diseases, and it’s needed now more than ever.

Contact your representatives in the US Senate and House of Representatives. We the People must demand natural options to eradicate viruses naturally and without a vaccine.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve Davis is working with several members of Congress. Contact him through this website, and Steve will work with you individually and extremely carefully.

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