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Michael Tellinger on Early DNA Manipulation

Michael is digging through what I prefer to describe as cultural sources for the various tidbits of information describing the establishment of mankind on Earth.  These have also been mined by others such as Sitchen.  He is also tracking the developing science for sniffs of confirmation.  Again, it is fruitful and allows the underlying narrative to rolled out.

One phrase that seems to arise here and in other texts is the idea of ‘slave species’.  I no not think that is an appropriate choice of words and once more is a Bronze Age translation of the idea of a client species.  The phrase also justifies slavery itself and that is not part of anyone’s obvious agenda.

It is also established that gold has a special place in the Great Plan.  Perhaps, but it is seen as a store of value that primitive workers can collect and use to monetize their own societies.  Otherwise, who really can say?

With or without some Great Plan, with or without been put in place by space humanity or anyone else, our purpose on Earth is to terraform Earth itself and to optimize its husbandry.  We have plenty to do.

We have developed sufficient husbandry protocols for the dry lands and the Boreal forests and the tropical soils.  That is most of it.  The easy stuff we have already done.

We have also begun the process of understanding how to optimize the productivity of the oceans, but it is still early days there.

I will republish Mike’s stuff from time to time.  The second piece looks at the possibilities around new knowledge coming from the DNA front.  So far nothing is disproving the conjectures found in the cultural sources.

A short aside.  Two thousand years ago, numerous tracts were maintained and even collected whose antiquity was substantial and occasionally went deep into the Bronze Age.  We ourselves have pointed out that the story of Noah’s Ark is very ancient and carries important information.  It is possible that the actual advent of the Ark was a lot later than I supposed and in fact it may be coincident with the rise of Sumer.  That certainly eliminates the need for millennia of record keeping and doubtful translation and puts it smack in the proper milieu. The flood or perhaps more properly the floods were in a succession arising from the original crustal shift going back 13,000 years but the last successor flood could well have been as late as 4500 years ago at which point it was safe to establish sea level cultures.  Thus we can explain the late arrival of the ark on the scene and the ease with which the story was preserved.

Prior populations would have been also established but not in lowlands.

This first item is on Adam’s Calender

Dear Bob

Welcome to your first weekly photograph and article, exploring our human origins and the ancient ruins of Southern Africa.

This is a dramatic view of Adam’s Calendar, the oldest man-made structure on Earth, by a long shot. Clearly showing the carved edge of the front stone. These are all dolerite stones that were brought here from about 2 -5 kilometres away and placed into position. They are not part of the bedrock. The closest stone was positioned so that the right edge caught the setting sun in the summer months, and indicated the summer solstice. The left edge was then carved to the exact point so that its shadow would catch the right edge on the second flat calendar rock during the winter solstice. We can still track the movement of the sun perfectly and know exactly when the seasons change. There is an alignment of 5 monoliths that face the sunrise on the Spring equinox.

There are many amazing new discoveries that we will deal with over the weeks, which include pyramids, the first sphinx, the first Horus stone, and much more incredible information that clearly indicates this was the civilisation from where the Egyptians and Sumerians inherited most of their symbols. Our discoveries vindicate ancient African knowledge that clearly states, their ancestors were the first people who lived on Earth. This is why we now call this vanished civilisation the FIRST people.

Our book 
Adam's Calendar outlines the dramatic events surrounding the discovery of this precious site. Our new book to be released in Jan 2010, Temples Of The African Gods, outlines further discoveries surrounding the millions of ancient stone ruins around Adam's Calendar, and the vanished civilisation that lived here from around 280,000 years ago. I will share the dating techniques with you in future articles. This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for conservative scholars, but our evidence is overwhelming. The calendar overlooks the Barberton valley an impact crater that is filled with stone circle ruins, and still hosts the richest gold mine on Earth - Sheba Gold Mine.
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Michael Tellinger Article - Week 1

Hi Bob.  

Thank you so much for your interest in my book and the subject of our human origins. Your first article is below. Please share it with others who may have an interest in this subject. There are some great new articles ahead with amazing new research that simply baffles the brain. There is so much for us to explore and as we do so, we realise how little we know. So keep exploring and enjoy the articles.

Michael Tellinger

Physical and Spiritual – Alien rain falls from the sky.

When trying to come to terms with our human origins, I refer to the physical presence of Homo sapiens – this body of ours which is made up of billions of cells, performing functions and housing our souls while we walk around on this planet. I have often found myself in debates with people who simply cannot separate their physical part, from their spiritual side. They claim that the two are inseparable. Well, I claim that the two are completely separate entities and should never be confused and NEVER be thrown into one comfortable mushy co-existence. Ask any spiritual healer – your body is just a vessel for your soul.

If I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, our debate will end right there and your body would lie on the floor without movement. Our physical interaction would be over – whether you would interact with me in some other spiritual way is a very different debate. I do not deny the existence of a very active spiritual side to our existence BUT for the sake of focus and clarity, let us stick to the physical part of our sudden appearance on this planet as a species some 180 000 to 250 000 years ago.

I have been chastised by my anthropologist friend for saying "sudden" appearance. Why they have such a problem with that term puzzles me because we have not really evolved at all physically since our creation, and therefore "sudden" appearance becomes the operative word here. I agree that "sudden" would be completely inappropriate if we had undergone dramatic physical evolutionary changes since Adam & Eve, but there is no evidence that suggests such drastic evolutionary steps.

I would therefore like to pose the question again – and ask archaeologists and anthropologists to consider this 'sudden' appearance of Humankind on this planet.

Who are we as a species? Where do we come from? AND - Why are we here?

In "Slave Species of god" I talk about various ancient scripts as old as 5800 years, that talk about what clearly sounds like genetic manipulation and cloning by a more advanced group of astronauts who settled on Earth and cloned Humankind as a Slave Species. We have now reached the same genetic ability and yet some of us find it utterly unacceptable that such advanced 'humans' could have lived on other planets and done such things on our planet Earth. Maybe that is because we do not believe that other planets exist? That is no longer so, we now also know that planet formation is the NORM throughout the universe. We also know that our very own solar system has many more than just the 9 planets we have been clinging on to for so long.

Even a year ago I was accused of 'being an idiot' by a very confident chap at a talk that I gave, during which I spoke about Panspermia and suggested that life arrives on Earth from space all the time. In my chapter on Panspermia I outline the now scientifically accepted fact, that life exists everywhere in the universe, in the form of microscopic organisms, larvae, spores, seeds bacteria, viruses and other forms yet unknown to us. These life-forms are distributed around the universe by asteroids, comets and other space objects and eventually land on planets, where they sprout new life and evolve. This means that new life is being deposited on planets all over the universe as we speak, in unimaginable numbers. This life begins to evolve and evolve and evolve until it reaches high levels of intelligence. Once this level is reached and the species begins to reach out into space and exploring other planets, we reach a situation wh ere new habitable planets would become the target of more advanced universal species. Pretty much what we are doing on Mars right now. Sooner or later we will take it to the next level and go beyond our solar system. Or would you rather we stayed here on Earth just wondering what is going on in the big wide universe?

A recent article in New Scientist finally put to rest any doubt that Panspermia is alive and well. It reported on a number of alien life-forms that fell to the ground in the rain in various parts of the world. In July 2001, about 50 tons of 'red dust' fell in the rain in the province of Kerala, India. Scientists have been baffled by the microscopic alien life-forms never seen before and without any DNA. In August 2000, sprats (small herring-like fish) fell on the English port of Great Yarmouth, and in June 1997 live tadpoles and toads fall from the sky in the rain in Mexico. The one way this could have happened is that a comet, carrying eggs or larvae or the red dust in its icy body plummeted towards Earth. As the comet exploded in the upper atmosphere, the content floated down to Earth due to gravity and settled in the clouds. The next thunderstorm produced the new arrivals to Earth in dramatic fashion.

So where am I going with this?

We are now reaching the phase of true space exploration, where we WILL put to use our scientific knowledge on other planets as we settle on them. If life has been evolving on millions of planets for millions of years, there must be many more advanced species than us on many other planets, just like there must be many lesser evolved species on other planets. It therefore makes perfect sense that as the many evolved universal species explore other planets, they will from time to time do things that have some unexpected side effects – like creating a new species that is less intelligent – and allowing it to get out of control. Pretty much what most likely happened on this planet of ours called Earth.

The latest genetic discovery from the Human Genome Project brings us some very interesting corroborative evidence that suggests our DNA was indeed manipulated and spliced at the point of our creation. This will be the subject of future articles.

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Keep exploring – universal peace to you all.

Michael Tellinger.

Read the article:

Here is another edition of my weekly article series. We explore evidence of genetic manipulation of the earliest humans. I will keep the articles as fresh and up to date with the latest scientific discoveries as possible. I hope to point out to you where this new information is slipping through the cracks of mainstream scholars and academics, while it supports many of the so-called outlandish theories about our human origins. Enjoy the read and please register your friends that may also have similar interests at the end of the article.

Chromosome Fusion

Evidence of DNA manipulation in our distant past?

The Human Genome Project has dished up some real surprises to scientists. The first surprise was the vast percentage of the human DNA that is inactive. It is estimated that at least 97% of our DNA is in actual fact a waste of space, as it does not contain any active genes that actually carry the code for any of our physical makeup. Then within the genes there are Introns – parts that do not carry any code; and Exons - sections that carry some sort of genetic code.  The full length of our DNA is made up of some 20 000 genes that have now been identified. These genes carry the blueprint for the structure of our entire body. What is very puzzling is the fact that Homo sapiens, as the supposed pinnacle if civilized evolution on this planet, should have such large parts of unused DNA. We seem to have the longest DNA molecule among all other species, but we use the smallest part of it in proportion to the other species. In other words, all the other creatures use much more of their DNA than humans do. Some species use as much as 98% of their DNA.

This flies directly in the face of the principles of evolution. Humans should have the most complex and evolved DNA of all creatures, to have reached levels of civilization seemingly much higher than any other species on Earth over millions of years of evolution. What is even more curious is the predicted number of genes in species. The numbers seem to increase steadily from basic organisms to the most advanced. We would expect that humans should end up having most genes, but strangely this is not the case. Here are some examples of the predictions for total number of genes in species. Fruit Fly 21 000; Zebrafish 50 000; Chicken 76 000; Mouse 81 000; Chimp 130 000; Human 68 000.

Can you see the problem here? The Chimp is supposed to be our closest know genetic relative and yet it has almost twice as many genes as humans. New research has revealed that Dolphin DNA is very closely related to humans. This will not be surprising to those who have studied the work of Drumvalo Malchiezedek.

But then we get to the anomaly of the chromosomes. Our DNA is broken up into 23 pairs of chromosomes. By comparison, all apes have 24 pairs. One would expect that Homo erectus, our immediate evolutionary precursor would then also have had 24 chromosome pairs.

In April 2005, researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute announced that "A detailed analysis of chromosomes 2 and 4 has detected the largest "gene deserts" known in the human genome and uncovered more evidence that human chromosome 2 arose from the fusion of two ancestral ape chromosomes" as reported in Nature. It is also the second largest chromosome we possess and it seems to make no sense why 2 primordial chromosomes should have merged to make us human, if this new chromosome gives us no apparent advantage for survival.

So when we read in the Sumerian tablets that humans were cloned as a sub-species between Homo erectus and a more advanced human-like species that arrived on Earth some 445 000 years ago, it suddenly makes a little bit more sense. The tablets describe how our maker removed certain parts of the "Tree of life" to trim the ability of the new "creature" and how they struggled to make the perfect "primitive worker" so that it could understand commands but not be too smart to question their existence. Similar suggestions of genetic cloning are made in The Koran and Hindu Laws of Manu. 

The Koran:
•         Ya Sin: "Is man not aware that We created him from a little germ?"
•         The Believers - God says almost verbatim what the Sumerian tablets tell us. "We first created man from an essence of clay; then placed him a living germ in a secure enclosure. The germ we made a clot of blood, and the clot a lump of flesh. This we fashioned into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh…"

Laws of Manu:

•         19. But from minute body (-framing) particles of these seven very powerful Purushas springs this (world), the perishable from the imperishable.

•         20. Among them each succeeding (element) acquires the quality of the preceding one, and whatever place (in the sequence) each of them occupies, even so many qualities it is declared to possess.

Notice the reference to "We" by the creator. The cloning of humans as a more primitive worker or "lulu amelu" suddenly does not seem so far fetched and the strange genetic anomalies seem to support some genetic manipulation in our distant past. The modern-day researchers go further to say that this "fusion" of our chromosome 2, is what makes us human.

Are we getting closer to proving that humans were created by his MAKER as slaves to work in the early gold mines on Earth? It certainly seems like it.

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Keep Exploring
Michael Tellinger.

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