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Janosh and Saïe Share

I share this item from Janosh.  He is an artist based in the Nederland` who has produced a number of images inspired by crop circle images and apparently his muse who tells of a coming transition of human consciousness.

I suspect most readers find this style of discourse difficult and even annoying.  Yet the hard ideas presented do fit nicely into the substantive paradigm we have step by step developed regarding a prior rise of humanity before the Pleistocene Nonconformity and the then advent of space adapted humanity.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these ideas is that this coming generation will lift Earth’s quarantine and establish contact with our cousins in space habitats.

With those thoughts in mind, it is easier to read this material even if the author does not share the same insights.

Saïe wishes to share other important information with you.
  • The most important points are:
  • We are entering into frequencies of Reverse Strength
  • Earth is in the Biosphere-Noösphere transition
  • Earth and humanity are quickly withdrawn from their quarantine
A new electro-magnetic grid is being made
This simplifies our evolution process
Binds us with each other and the cosmic community
It equals the electro-magnetic grid from the Old Atlantis.

Re-awakening your own strength

It’s now to time to reawaken your own strength. In the new, higher frequencies you are obliged to let go of the past and also the negative energies where a lot of people are trapped at the moment. I call this the old matrix, the energy field around the earth, which is full of negative, constraining programming. If you can break away from this, then you will be able to make contact with the mission, which you as a soul had already planned. Your personal blueprint, the task you set yourself on earth becomes clear. That can be confusing, but it is important, particularly at this moment and taking into account what is going to happen, to believe in your own strength, trust and remain close to your own truth. In this way you will inspire those close to you and be able to help others in their own transformation process. Saïe says: “Convincing others or wanting to be right, often works completely in the opposite way”.

Reversing Force

The frequencies that we will work with in the future will have a reversing power, which will bring us back to our authentic self. We will become re-joined to the power we had pre-birth, which is connected to the power of insight of the Universe. This may feel strange. Old patterns, deep-rooted negative beliefs and certain reluctance from old fears may come to the surface. However, just know: these are the last few hurdles. Synchronization will increase. Watch out for things that suddenly cross your path, because they will show you the way.

Biosphere – Noösphere Transition

Let’s just look at the whole picture (1). According to one of the Mayan prophets (The Law of Time) we must be ready before 2012 to shift into the next phase of evolution. Because the vibration frequencies within the universe automatically change with the procession of the stars and planets, human consciousness follows suite. It just vibrates naturally with the rest. Consciousness is actually the foundation for everything, which exits. This universal star parade happens on Earth, something which Mayan expert, José Argüelles calls the Biosphere-Noösphere transition. In other words this means the point when combined field of planetary consciousness exists. (Noösphere). The noösphere is the most recent phase of development of Earth and follows the biosphere (the part of the earth where life is difficult and polluted –J).

On-going project

Our current day problems began in the old Atlantis. Drunvalo Melchizedek announced that he would reveal an important message in May 2010. He is going to tell that there is an on-going project to bring people back to their trusted consciousness levels. In a preview he said: “Long ago, approximately 13,000 years ago, the human grids of consciousness fell apart and people began to loose their higher consciousness. It’s called “The Fall “in the Bible. Their Mer-ka-ba fields or in other words, their light bodies were extinguished, which exposed them to the effects of the earth-magnetic fields, which were also shut off. The memories of humanity were erased”. The earth and humanity were put into quarantine. Shut off from the rest of the universe. Now we live in a time and EVERYTHING will quickly be restored.

The electro-magnetic grid

Through the centuries certain people came forth to keep “Earth’s light burning” and just “to be” spiritual wise men, or make (r)evolutionary discoveries. Think about Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, and Tesla etc. Drunvalo says;” Work was performed at a deeper level to develop/repair the enormous network of lines around earth and therefore to create a specific human grid of consciousness, in order that humanity could return to their higher consciousness, just like it used to be”.

In Atlantis the influence of the spirit over matter was well known they knew that Spirit thinking/thoughts (consciousness) was where the Light came from. Everything was created from Light. People were conscious of the electro-magnetic grid – a sort of energy matrix – under the earth’s surface.

Cosmic Community

The remains of this very impressive energy matrix can still be found on earth in the form of leylines. You could say that Heaven and Earth were joined through this matrix. This grid gave people the opportunity to, for example, telepathically be in contact with one another, to heal, to have access to very advanced technologies, to journey through the corridors of time and also to be in contact with above, the star people. Nowadays the majority of people have little of no affiliation to this, but in former times people were very well aware of their role in the universe, and thus the cosmic community. In the times that are coming an opportunity to reconnect with other life forms in the universe will be repaired. But before this can take place on a larger scale, we will have to take care of ourselves and make ourselves “one” with the universe.

The greater plan for Earth

In this context I have to think about the “100th monkey” effect. The more people open themselves to contact for life within the higher dimensions, how quicker a critical mass will be achieved that will show full openness. Really, taking the challenges before us into account at this moment means that contact with extra-terrestrial life on a larger scale is not the first and most important priority. It is more a logical consequence of a development, which is already underway, and which cannot be stopped. Our attention should be Earth and everything that lives on it. That is also the point for the cosmic community. I often ask myself why Saïe takes so much interest in my personal development, and now it seems much clearer. It’s nothing to do with me personally, but it is all part of a much larger plan for Earth and her role in the universe.

Cosmic Mirrors

The way, in which we treat ourselves, has great impact on the universe. The universe is one big hologram. People are like cosmic mirrors. So like each part of a hologram, which contains all the information about everything, so can a human cell contain a complete blueprint of the person. And that is why humans have a complete blueprint of the universe within themselves. It is now time to renew our consciousness of our role in the universe. Saïe calls us crazy “Gods in exile” He teaches me that the Earth in a central planet within our universe. The Earth is a melting pot of races, which have come from the whole cosmos. Nowhere else in the universe is there so much variation as on our planet.

War of the Heavens

On our planet something has been worked out which has effect on the total universe. According to Mayan prophets (The Telektonon) the current planetary crisis is a climax of inter-dimensional, inter-planetary Time Wars, the war of the heavens. It too complicated to go into in depth, but there will be many surprises from within the totally immeasurable depth from the galactic consciousness. In fact the cosmic community will also benefit from Earth’s transformation process into the 5th Dimension, the dimension of thought from oneness. The dimension in which we consciously co-create with the Source and use our full potential as “Gods” – or in other words multi-dimensional beings - . Not only Earth but also the entire universe will move to a higher frequency.


It is a fact that for example, crop circles are becoming more complex, the number of UFO sightings increasing dramatically, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes take place more frequently and amongst other things, political and economic systems collapse and more and more people use the rest of their DNA, form the evidence that a new matrix is in the making. The new electro-magnetic Earth grid is increasing in frequency, to the same strength as in the time of Atlantis. The new grid facilitates the process in which we find ourselves. Personal growth no longer needs to be a painful process if we so choose. I am a great believer that we should create a great party. Isn’t it marvelous what is happening? It’s taken 10.000 years to reach the current level of frequency. Plus the fact that there is a miraculous galactic equality of our universe on the programme.And you and I live NOW!

Choosing for Liberation

This process is unstoppable and we will enter – like the Mayan called – the 6th world, and it is and remains important that as many people as possible wake up and prepare themselves inwardly. On earth as on the outside, is an enormous feeling of urgency in these desperate times. A clear tidy consciousness is necessary to bring the higher energies from the cosmos into and through someone’s body. If we want to escape from this destructive effect of the current negative matrix, we need to step outside of our thinking. We will have to synchronize both halves of our brains and make a connection with our heart centre so that we are able to make a direct connection with the new grid.

The language of Atlantis

Don’t be afraid if you see that the chaos is increasing. Don’t judge in words of “good” or “bad”. Don’t let yourself be carried away in the river of fear. You can choose for liberation. Something, which can enable us to find peace and something to inspire our sub-consciousness, is the language of Atlantis. By this I mean the Sacred Geometry codes, which played a great part during this time. This is the language of our soul, the building blocks of our creation and you and are are geometry. The power of geometry can inspire us to re-find our inner strength. The frequency of the last code, Ultimate Return, can help you in your reverse strength to come back to the authentic you, before you were born, joined together with the strength and power of the insight of the Universe. We are on the way to deep routed awakening!
Heart to Heart,

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