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Skin Cancer Treatment

This is another sad story of the abuse of the legal system by government employees.  The victim here is a businessman who has advanced a useful herbal potion that reacts on skin cancers to effectively remove them.  I doubt it actually cures the cancer which may well be involving other tissues.  However, it does accomplish the same thing that surgery does.  No more and no less.  A quick review of these letters inform us that a battery of simple double blind tests will postpone the effect of the cancer on those treated while likely killing off those given the placebo.  Imagine signing up for this.

However, that is not the problem here.  The problem is the pursuit of the victim.   What is the crime that justifies this attack on a single individual?  Selling an herbal remedy is accepted practice.  This herbal remedy is even applied topically and this requires much less testing.  He only has to call it a cosmetic and he is likely to get FDA approval.  It may already have it.

Hell, call it a cosmetic and advertise it as an agent for covering unsightly skin cancer blemishes.  The customers and doctors will see to getting the rest of the story out.

The problem here is the level of effort been used to attack this individual.  No individual has the resources to properly defend himself against a government willing to manipulate the facts to extract a desired result.
The problem shown here calls for a full independent judicial inquiry into the facts to discover if justice is been done.  It is needed because the face of these events calls exactly this into question.
It is necessary to our legal system that justice be seen to be done.  There are many examples of process abuse occurring in the USA and it is perhaps time to establish an organization similar to NAACP to fund and pursue cases of process abuse against citizens.  It will not help that many, but cases like this are the low hanging fruit.  A single public success can inform government folks who think they are above the law that they are not.

I am not sure what other solution we have for this abuse of the legal system by government employees with unlimited access to cash and a burr in their saddle however acquired.  It certainly is a cheap way to suppress competition.  You locate the correct employee with the correct authority and you pay him to pursue the necessary path.  It will be much cheaper than hiring a lawyer and it is untraceable.

One other quick comment.  I am sure a friend of mine with skin cancer used this method to eliminate the skin problem.  It did not stop the eventual metastasis of the disease which either became lung cancer or was in fact a derivative of lung cancer.  It is never so simple.  Yet here we at least have a handy way to eliminate the skin aspect of the disease without bothering with invasive surgery just as incomplete in its action.

Free Greg Caton from FDA tyranny; your help needed

Friday, March 05, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Editor of 

Herbalist Greg Caton remains under arrest in the United States after having been illegally kidnapped and extradited from Ecuador by the FDA

He faces a hearing on March 17th in a Louisiana court, and he needs your help.

To support Greg Caton's bid for freedom, NaturalNews is organizing a letter-writing campaign that seeks to inform the presiding Judge of just how many people support Greg Caton's work and website (

This letter-writing campaign is being initiated as a courteous, supportive effort to lend support to Greg Caton during his hearing. It is not some sort of effort to bombard the Judge with hate mail or anything resembling that. In fact, if you choose to participate in helping Greg Caton, please keep your letters polite and professional. I've included my own letter to the presiding Judge below as an example.

Background information on Greg Caton - What you need to know

Why does Greg Caton deserve to be freed from being held by U.S. authorities? For years, he sold an anti-cancer salve that has helped thousands of people treat their own skin cancers. Using a recipe made with powerful anti-cancer herbs, Caton created the Cansema product line and marketed it to customers around the world using honest and truthful descriptions of the anti-cancer properties of its herbal ingredients.

The FDA, not surprisingly, couldn't tolerate this. The profitability of the conventional cancer industry depends entirely on preventing consumers from having free access to competing products like Cansema. So the FDA declared Greg Caton a criminal and turned his case over to their Office of Criminal Investigations which launched a witch hunt to put Greg Caton out of business and throw him in prison.

They succeeded in forcing him to serve three years of prison time in the U.S., after which he was released on probation. During that probationary period, Caton learned through a source that he was about to be targeted for yet another trumped-up criminal charge brought on by the FDA, so he did the only thing a reasonable person could do: He decided to move out of the country and pursue his business in another nation where selling anti-cancer medicinal herbs is openly accepted (and even welcomed).

As it turns out, herbal medicine is perfectly legal to sell in most countries -- including Ecuador, where medicinal herbs have been an important part of cultural healing traditions for as long as anyone can remember. The idea of criminalizing someone who sells medicinal herbs would be considered absolutely loony in Ecuador.

So Caton set up a legitimate business buying medicinal herbs from a variety of sources (including local farmers), manufacturing his Cansema product, and exporting it to customers all over the world, including the USA. His product is still sold online at:

The FDA, once again, couldn't tolerate this. So the agency arranged for Caton to be placed in the 
Interpol "red notice" alert list along with a description accusing him of crimes related to "drugs" and "fraud." The drugs, of course, were only medicinal herbs that the FDA deceptively calls drugs. And the so-called fraud stems from nothing more than Caton's decision to not kow-tow to the FDA's tyrannical attempts to flag him as a criminal.

With the help of this Interpol listing, the FDA managed to get Greg Caton arrested in Ecuador. From there, a team of operatives from the U.S. State Department pulled Caton out of an Ecuadorian jail and placed him on an American Airlines passenger jet flying from Guayaquil to Miami. Despite the orders of a local Ecuadorian Judge who demanded Caton be released from the airplane while still on Ecuadorian soil, the American Airlines pilot refused to release Caton and proceeded to fly him to Miami, in violation of international law. 

This is how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pulled off the illegal kidnapping of a U.S. citizen living legally (and running a legal business) in another country.
Caton was guilty of just one actual crime: Violating his probation by leaving the USA and seeking freedom elsewhere. But even that probation was only part of a sentence stemming from the FDA's deceitful attempt to destroy Greg Caton in the first place.
Now, Caton is facing a hearing on March 17th to determine his punishment for violating his probation. As you might suspect, Caton only seeks to return to Ecuador where he can join his family and resume his legal, legitimate business of selling medicinal herbs to satisfied customers.
What to write

If you wish to help support Greg Caton's bid for freedom, you may write a physical (paper) letter and mail it to the address below. Simply state your support for Caton's natural products while expressing your strong disagreement with the way the FDA has violated international law in its illegal kidnapping and expatriation of Caton.

If you are a customer of Caton's, you might also wish to add that to your letter. Conclude your letter by asking for his release so that he may return to Ecuador and rejoin his family there.

These letters can make a real difference. They will be presented to the Judge for consideration. (I'm also sending a letter.)
Where to send your letter of support

When you write your letter, address it at the top to The Honorable Judge Tucker Melancon.

Mail your letter to this street address:

Randal P. McCann, Attorney At Law
1005 Lafayette Street
P.O. Box 3685
Lafayette, LA 70502

The letter written by Dr. Brian O'Leary

Former U.S. astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary wrote the following letter to Judge Tucker Melancon:

To Judge Tucker Melancon:

Greg Caton is an extraordinary healer whose product Cansema healed my skin cancer which made it unnecessary for me to go under surgery to remove it. He is a legal resident of Ecuador and conducts a legal alternative health product group here. I thoroughly support his work in healing untold thousands of people of cancer and other serious diseases.

My own healing happened when Greg arrived at our home two years ago with Cansema. I had just been diagnosed with basal cell skin cancer after a biopsy had been taken from a very large and deep lesion on my back. I was scheduled for surgery the following week. I cancelled the surgery and Greg applied the Cansema (a black salve consisting of a mixture of herbs and a bit of zinc chloride), and, in 3-4 weeks, a black scab formed that subsequently fell off. After three applications of the salve over 2-3 months, the cancer disappeared, leaving only a slight discoloration where the cancer had been. An examination by a dermatologist at the St. Agustin clinic in Loja, Ecuador, showed that the cancer was completely gone. No new lesions have formed anywhere on my body, and diagnostic blood tests for any systemic cancers recently showed negatives, i.e., no cancer in my body.

On the larger issue of the suppression of alternative possibilities in the health, environmental and technology fields, we see a pattern emerging that the true geniuses of innovation are all too often violently suppressed by authorities who illegally, unethically and immorally punish these true pioneers of our time -- solely because of powerful vested interests that are far less effective in solving the problems presented. This is an outrage, and I ask that, if justice has any meaning left, that Greg be released immediately from his current detention and flown back to his residence in Ecuador. This plea represents one of many coming from those of us who strongly feel that justice can only be served by supporting rather than condemning those of us willing and able to move humanity into a new paradigm of healing and sustainability.
Yours sincerely,
Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.
former U.S. astronaut

Letter of support from Mike Adams

From: Mike Adams, editor of
To: the Honorable Judge Tucker Melancon

As the editor of one of the largest natural health news websites in the world, now reaching over two million unique readers each month, I've covered issues of health freedom, FDA regulation and natural remedies for many years. In those years, I have never seen such an egregious violation of ethics (and law) as what I've witnessed in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's attempts to criminalize the work of Greg Caton.

In my opinion, the FDA has engaged in an illegal and highly unethical "witch hunt" against Greg Caton that appears to have the sole purpose of destroying Caton's products which compete with the more conventional (and profitable) products offered by pharmaceutical companies.

As a permanent resident of Ecuador, I have access to local knowledge about how Greg Caton was arrested and illegally transported out of Ecuador by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Based on the information I have acquired first-hand, I believe 
the U.S. FDA illegally and with great malice plotted to submit false information about Greg Caton to Interpol via the U.S. Dept. of Justice office that interfaces with Interpol.

This false information apparently resulted in Interpol listing Greg Caton under a "red notice" -- a designation normally reserved for international war criminals, serial murderers, drug lords and other serious criminals. To my knowledge, in the entire history of Interpol no herbalist has ever been subjected to such aggressive and blatantly deceptive law enforcement tactics.

Should Caton be granted his freedom, his sole intention is to return to Ecuador to be with his family and continue his work with healing herbs. Greg Caton's work is of tremendous value to people all over the world. His business is an important and well-accepted part of the local economy of Ecuador, and through his sourcing of raw materials, he is providing income and jobs for a significant number of family farms.

Whatever you decide in this case, I hope to cover your decision in upcoming articles on, as this is a story that is being closely watched by advocates of health freedom and civil liberties. I also hope that your decision will involve finding a way to allow Caton to freely leave the United States and return to Ecuador where his products, efforts and business operations are accepted and welcomed rather than vilified.

Although I don't know the details of your jurisdiction vs. the FDA, you may also have an opportunity to slap the FDA on the wrist and send a message that the illegal kidnapping of U.S. citizens from foreign countries will not be tolerated by U.S. courts.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration acts as if it believes it is above the law. You have the chance to remind the decision makers of this agency that we are a nation of law and that even the FDA must abide by that body of law.

Thank you,
Mike Adams

About the author: Mike Adams is a natural health researcher and author with a mission to teach personal and planetary health to the public He has authored and published thousands of articles, interviews, consumers guides, and books on topics like health and the environment, impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles. Adams is an independent journalist with strong ethics who does not get paid to write articles about any product or company. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of super bright LED light bulbs that are 1000% more energy efficient than incandescent lights. He also launched an online retailer of environmentally-friendly products ( and uses a portion of its profits to help fund non-profit endeavors. He's also the CEO of a highly successful email newsletter software company that develops software used to send permission email campaigns to subscribers. Adams is currently the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit, and practices nature photography, Capoeira, Pilates and organic gardening. 

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