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50 Best Farm and Agriculture Blogs

This is a worthy list and should be useful to anyone doing research.

50 Best Farm and Agriculture Blogs
MARCH 24, 2010

Many of us don't spend too much time thinking about where our food came from, but the agricultural and farming industries form not only an important part of our economy, but of our daily lives as well. Through these blogs, agricultural sciences students, farmers and those just plain interested in learning more can find a wealth of resources at their fingertips including news, scientific publications and much more.

News and Information

Check with these blogs to get updates on the latest in agriculture and to learn the basics.
1.                  Agriculture BlogLearn how to run an agriculture-based business with a little help from the news and advice found on this blog.
2.                  Environment and AgricultureCharles Stuart University maintains this blog, full of news about the latest agricultural publications.
3.                  CASFS Blog and ForumHere you'll get news, events and discussions from the UCSC Center For Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems.
4.                  The Farm ConnectionCheck out this blog to read Canada-focused news on the business of owning and operating a farm.
5.                  Agriculture GuideFrom tips on growing herbs to help dealing with erosion, this blog has lots of articles on agricultural basics to read through.
6.                  AgWiredVisit this blog regularly to stay in the loop about what's going on in the world of agricultural business.
7.                  The Voice of AgricultureThis blog from the American Farm Bureau is a great place to learn about seasonal farming issues and much more.
8.                  Agriculture Business WeekGet a leg up in the business of running a farm with help from this blog.
9.                  AgNewsWireThis site is a great place to get news on just about anything agriculture-related.

Sustainable Farming

These blogs are all about making farming greener, more sustainable and ultimately better for all of us.
10.              Something to Crow AboutThe National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition posts to this blog, helping keep farmers and consumers in the loop about new developments.
11.              City Farmer NewsLearn how to grow your own garden in the urban environment with news and information found here.
12.              Farm Energy News BlogThis blog posts on ways that farmers can both use renewable energy sources and work towards producing them themselves.
13.              Yale Sustainable Food ProjectRead this blog to learn about this sustainable food project started at Yale that encourages students to make these greener foods a part of their everyday lives.
14.              Think ForwardThe Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy posts their efforts at creating a more sustainable farming industry on this blog.
15.              LittleHouseFarmCheck out this blog to see one sustainable farm in action.
16.              Nature's Harmony FarmThis Georgia-based farm focuses on producing everything from produce to livestock naturally, organically and sustainably.
17.              Down to EarthThis blog is full of information on sustainable and community-focused farming.

Farming Big and Small

Visit these blogs to get insights into farming from those who do it daily.
18.              I Heart FarmsVisit this blog to read stories about real farmers and the goods they produce.
19.              Daily DiggerBased off the magazine Digger, this blog reports about important issues in the nursery industry.
20.              The Farm GateThose owning or operating a farm can get great information and insight from this blog at the University of Illinois.
21.              The Beginning FarmerIf you're thinking of striking it out as a farmer, read this beginner's journey for inspiration.
22.              Vertical Farm BlogLearn about new innovations in farming that may have farms going up instead of out in the future.
23.              David's Farm BlogThis Australian farmer posts his thoughts on farming to this blog.
24.              Tiny Farm BlogSee photos and read posts on small-scale organic farming through this site.
25.              Farmer GeekCheck out this blog to read posts on a variety of farming issues.
26.              Farmgirl FareThis blogger runs a farm on a few hundred acres in Missouri and shares her daily life and more on this blog.


These blogs touch on a number of issues related to farming around the world.
27.              Farming FirstThis blog will teach you about the agricultural work this organization is doing to help farmers in some of the most impoverished places.
28.              International Agriculture and DevelopmentRead this blog to learn about the role that agriculture plays in community development.
29.              Climate Change & Agrobiodiversity ResearchHere you'll find posts on the scientific research being done around the world on agriculture and the environment.
30.              LEISA's FarmThis British blog is kept by the Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture and is full of great posts about sustainable farming just about everywhere.
31.              IAALDThe International Association of Agricultural Information maintains this blog, with posts about technology, initiatives and other campaigns helping to transform agriculture around the world.

Livestock and Ranching

Learn more about what it takes to raise cattle, chicken and alpacas through these blogs.
32.              meatThese Western Washington farmers share their stories of raising animals for food on this blog.
33.              Ranchweb BlogThis blog is a great place to read about life on the ranch and ranching business.
34.              Alpaca Farm GirlEver thought about raising an alpaca? This blog will fill in some of the difficulties and benefits you'll encounter.
35.              The Cattle Management BlogWhether small or large, this blog will teach you how to better manage and organize your cattle farm.
36.              Urban Chickens NetworkYou might not think it's possible, but this blog will show you that you can raise livestock well even if you live in an urban environment.
37.              Sugar Mountain FarmThese farming bloggers raise pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks naturally and sustainably on their farm in Vermont.

Agricultural Science

These blogs take a more scientific or numbers-focused approach to farming.
38.              BlogricultureWritten by staff at Capital Press, this blog will teach you more about the business of running a farm.
39.              Agricultural Biodiversity WeblogRead through this blog to learn about the importance of maintaining agricultural biodiversity around the world.
40.              Ask The Agronomist BlogGot a farming question? You can get answers in this blog from Kevin Ryan.
41.              BANRLearn more about the latest publications in agricultural science with tips from the Colorado State University library.
42.              AboveCapricornThis blog is focused on telling readers about the latest technology related to farming.

Agricultural Politics and Policy

From law to PR, these blogs will help you stay informed about agriculture in the government and business worlds.
43.              Advocates for AgricultureOn this blog, you'll get to hear a defense of large-scale agriculture from those who do it.
44.              Agricultural Marketing Resource Center BlogLearn how to better market and sell your farming commodities through this blog.
45.              FarmPolicy.comRead the latest farm policy news on this blog's feed.
46.              Civil EatsFind out more about where your food comes from with this blog on food policy.
47.              Food PoliticsEnsure that what you're eating, buying or growing truly is healthy with help from this blog.
48.              Agricultural LawThis blog is maintained by a large group of lawyers who post regularly on agricultural topics.
49.              Biolaw: Law and the Life SciencesFrom genetic engineering to agricultural law, this blog is a great place to learn about legal issues related to living things.
50.              Harvesting JusticeLearn about the struggles of many farm workers to be paid living wages on this blog.


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