Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Al Gore Claims Organized Opposition

Al Gore is back at pushing his global warming agenda at a few select and you can be sure, friendly media outlets.  He is certainly sticking to message and emphasizing the conspiracy theory defense to skate around the awful revelations the cause has been hit with over the past four months.

It was clearly revealed that those deemed leading climate scientists were colluding to suppress and/or manipulate data to support a clear and lucrative political agenda.  This we can refer to as the admitted climate conspiracy.

Al Gore on the other hand is accusing the clearly oppressed climate scientists who mostly tried to get their views aired of been part of a massive organized campaign for which we have no evidence, nor expect to find any such evidence.  I will go further.  All such persons are typically tenured professors with modest budgets at independent institutions or even retired.  I have posted many of their writings on this blog and have sufficient knowledge to form such an opinion.

So Al’s accusations are spurious and in fact libelous and fraudulent with no evidence in fact.  They serve only to draw some of the present heat of the real cabal of global warming promoting scientists.  I may have it wrong, but the present rising tide of negative press commentary suggests that the effort is futile and was so the moment the emails got released. 

The climate change narrative was already under serious pressure just before Copenhagen with plenty of folks involved asking serious question.  Disquiet was in the air, but the cabal had still been able to suppress dissent.  In fact dissenters were mostly stating their piece in obscure places and giving it all a bye.  The media remained onside as a bloc.

The advent of climate gate collapsed the charade and since all the material originally relied on and exaggerated in balmier days has been exposed for the rubbish it was.

There is no conspiracy needed when a proper scientific review will work just as well.  The good news is that science actually works folks.  If you try passing of rubbish, some SOB will beg to differ sooner or later.  It only gets to be a problem when you evade real peer review for a decade and build up a backlog of such nonsense as happened in this case.

In fairness, the unsung hero in this story is the chap who had access to the email traffic through East Anglia and found a way to act on his conscience.  He had obviously collected pertinent emails for years and had sat on it all, hoping that some day someone else would blow the whistle.  Then the deadline of Copenhagen pressed in and he chose to act rather than hide behind the Nazi defense and betray his conscience. I hope no one looks too hard for him.

Gore: Organized Campaign Behind Climate Skeptics
Sunday, 07 Mar 2010 04:15 PM

Former Vice President Al Gore says critics of his global warming warnings are part of a "massive, organized campaign."

Appearing on the Norwegian talk show “Skavlan” to promote his newest book "Our Choice," Gore said:

“There has been a very large, organized campaign to try to convince people that it [global warming] is not real, to try to convince people that they shouldn't worry about it.

"In my country, the oil and coal companies spent $500 million last year just on television advertising just on these questions. There are now five anti-climate lobbyists on Capitol Hill in
Washington for every member of the House and Senate. So it's been a very massive, organized campaign."

Gore was asked if it's "quite different to be Al Gore today” compared to three years ago, before people started to lose interest in the climate issue and before heavy criticism of his global warming warnings.

“It doesn't feel different,” said Gore. “It feels like the same struggle. There is still a massive movement worldwide to respond to the climate crisis. It would be an enormous relief if the recent criticism of the science actually meant that there wasn't a crisis. Unfortunately there is. We're still putting 90 million tons of global warming pollution every day into the atmosphere, as if it's an open sewer."

Also during the interview:

·                     Gore rejected any allegation that he's a "carbon billionaire." "I wish that were true – it's not," he said, adding that he's been fortunate in the business world since losing the race for president in 2000.

·                     Gore denied that receiving too much praise for his efforts was a problem, or made him more vulnerable. "I don't feel it is, because there's been plenty of blame as well as praise," he said.

·                     Gore said he still has a long ways to go in his effort to educate the world about climate change. "I have thus far failed, and our world has thus fair failed to respond adequately to this crisis," he said.

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