Friday, February 3, 2017

Muslims Deported as Switzerland Ban Islamic Immigration

This is inevitable.  It is just that the global consensus is not there yet.  So long as any member of any religion thinks they have a right to impose their law and system on a 'non believer' there is only one answer and it is outright exclusion or at least tight control.

The rest who do naturally follow such thinking are all constrained by the need for persuasion which tempers all.

I do think that Europe generally will simply cough up all such who do not 'naturalize' which means conversion to western secularism at least and a passive regard for Islam.  This is not the first time around for Islam and that inability to change makes it all unacceptable...


By Ak swamy -

January 15, 2017

The refugee crisis has been nothing short of a disaster. Every Nation that allowed unvetted refugees into their country has nearly been taken over and ambushed with terrorist attacks.

If Europe continues to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees, they will fall to Islam. There are unprecedented levels of terrorist attacks occurring all over and the governments have no idea how to stop it. Innocent civilians are dying at the hands of jihad, and one Nation has had enough!

Switzerland has officially banned Muslims from entering the country and will soon begin the process of having all of them deported unless they conform to Swiss standards, reported USA Today.

Recently, Switzerland denied naturalization applications from two Muslim girls who refused to take part in swimming lessons because they didn’t want to swim in the same pool as boys.

As part of their school curriculum, the girls had to take part in swim lessons. The girls claimed that their religion prevented them from being in the same pool as males.

“Whoever doesn’t fulfill these conditions violates the law and therefore cannot be naturalized,” explained Stefan Wehrle, the president of the naturalization committee.

Hundreds of Muslims continue to demand that the Swiss to change their culture to appease them, but the Swiss government is no longer playing games.

In Switzerland, integration into the existing culture supersedes all other requirements for becoming a citizen. The Swiss are proud of their culture, and if you want to live in

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