Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Global Fascism Rising.

Our whole culture is now under direct and violent attack with the main focus Europe and the USA. It has all been working on the concept of slowly heating the water to cook that unfortunate frog.

The same tactics used during the twenties and the thirties to install the Nazis in particular and a number of similar regimes are now been used by the so called New World Order.  What is notable is the deliberate use of paid agitators who enter any ordinary protest in order to increase the violence.  This just happened in Berkley.   It has been happening all throughout Europe as well taking advantage of the deliberate influx of unassimilatable refugees from the Middle East.

This engages the entire free world with a violence whose objective is to put selected people in power to protect the interest of what must be a group of terribly wealthy and also stupid people.  

The tempo has increased steadily this past year and it is all visibly funded through  George Soros in particular but also with other co - conspirators.   The rise of Trump obviously has them in a panic.

To stop this faux insurrection in its path we need to do at least two things, one sooner and one later.  

The first is that all protests must be confronted and managed by police who will extract all individuals wearing masks or in any way disguising themselves.  Other identifiable agitators need to also be picked up.  These individuals need to be closely questioned as well as their employers or case workers.

Later or perhaps not but it is coming to that, all individuals not prepared to convert to Christianity forthwith or reject Islam forthwith and become secular must leave their present community and return to originating homeland.  It is that bad.  We have a culture of newcomers who are brainwashed into been traitors the moment they enter the country and who have shown no sign of changing their culture in order to assimilate.  I hope that the threat is good enough.

My point is that Islamic immigration has turned out to be a disaster and a drain on the host countries and deliberately so.  Their leaders will tell you so in just the way that NAZIs told you their aims back in the day.  Again it is that bad.

The stress is now causing a major upheaval in Europe that will only abate when they also come to their senses and understand that devout NAZIs make lousy neighbors.

What disturbs me most is that an avowed aim of the NWO happens to be population reduction.  This can only be achieved by massively attacking and depopulating China and India and Islam.  This shows you what mischief our so called progressives can get up to.  Add in the parallel Pedophile conspiracy network to provide glue to this horrid conspiracy and one has ample reason to worry.

The rise of Trump is very much a step to counter this nasty phenomena.  What is certain is that he will not do nothing..

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