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The War Over Men’s Souls

This is a curious narrative. It confirms the extensive infrastructure out in Space that we have stumbled about on this blog.  It identifies spirit.  Yet what we have to hand does not support his use narrative at all or the need for multiple extinctions either.
In fact, we can support 100,000,000,000 souls on earth while optimizing the Earth's surface.  From that we can also go underground easily enough and place ten times that there and all this without setting up habitats on other planets..
In short, if you wanted souls so badly, why would you eliminate most of the stock in the first place?
The War Over Men’s Souls

Brett Alen reports that in 30 years of researching the paranormal, I always believed there had to be some correlating unifying theory to both ghosts and UFOs. My research into the paranormal has proven one thing… spirit orbs I once thought were hooey, are very real. They appear to be the manifestation of the human soul after we die; only visible to ultraviolet and infrared non-filtered cameras. To days cameras pick them up because it is much cheaper to manufacture them without such filters. This is why both UFOs (who the ancient s said were “spirit” gods who could take human form-cloaked in the UV and IR) and ghosts can be captured by today’s technology, when not visible to the human eye. The ancient Mesopotamia bible spoke of both spirits and the soul. Nearly every ancient civilization makes reference to the soul; Egypt built a technological civilization around them. They were quite obviously doing something with high voltage; Tesla coils and particle accelerators, to harness and launch the soul. From the Zoroastrians, to Mesopotamia, even the Maya and pre-Columbians, all had this knowledge.
My work with spirit orbs, both in my own haunted study location, and in photos sent to me by friends, shows obvious faces show up in these orbs. I believe even the Mayan calendar round was a spirit orb, as they also knew that night was “the realm of the dead.” But perhaps UFOlogists and NASA/CIA insider John Lear puts it all in perspective when he claims there was a soul capturing and processing machine that the alien’s operate on our moon. In fact NASA’s recent bombing of the Moon may have been to destroy one such structure.
Recent photos captured over my own home, on a lake where some 4000 graves were opened may also vindicate his claims. A bright light on a rectangular UFO was seen with what the ancients referred to as a GATE hanging off the end of the rectangle. I believe the craft was sweeping the area for “lost souls.” If this is not true, why are there so many references to the soul in ancient cultures. In our own Bible there are 457 references to the soul and Christians are promised to go to heaven when the body dies. The soul or the spirit of humans is immortal. However the soul can be lost Mark 8-36 states, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”
“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against ‘principalities,’ against ‘powers,’ against the ‘rulers of darkness of this world’ , against ‘spiritual wickedness’ in high places” Eph 6-12
Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. There are red orb seen all over the world and in Egypt they are often called serpent of the dragon. In the Solomon Islands, dragon orbs can be seen going in and out of the sea where battles are fought. Often in war UFOs and Foo Fighters are everywhere. Why is the human soul so important? It is disturbing, but your own search will surely lead you to the same conclusion.

Extraterrestrials once called Angels are here for one thing, the soul. How many reports come back from abductees saying the aliens seemed to be interested in my soul. It’s as if they separated me from my soul; because they did?. The scary part is I came to this conclusion before over hearing of John Lear or his claim. In the 90s I had a very strange visitor who refused to identify himself, only that we worked with a group that was aware of my work; and if I was deemed worthy, they might release to me the answers. He interviewed me, a journalist and media professional, about my world views on religion, aliens and the paranormal. Since that time, although seeing them since youth, I have seen many more UFOs, and many red orbs. There is a long list of UFOlogists who have come to these same unorthodox conclusions. On Sunday 21st, March 2004, John Lear (who brought the world Bob Lazar, at first scoffed at, but now being validated).  Lear has flown all types in all types of aircraft and has 19,000 flying hours. While on the Art Bell Show he delivered some very disturbing information.

Cube on Moon
Lear stated on Coast 2 Coast AM, that a massive cube has been found on the moon, and that this cube is responsible for not only holding human souls here on Earth, but that after you die, the cube pulls your soul to it, and then erases your memory, and reinserts your soul into a new baby to repeat the process over again.
Our moon was brought here from another star system long ago, as part of the experiment. Earth was taken over about 200 thousand years ago, humanity was genetically engineered race, but it is the souls of light that are the real reason for all of this. The souls of light are used as food by the Reptilians. They need a constant supply of emotional food to enable them to do anything. Without a fuel source, negative souls are dead in the water, and are completely powerless. On the Day of Judgment it is the soul (nafs) which will appear before Allah as stated in the Holy Quran:“And every soul comes, with it a driver and a witness” (50:21).
This soul (nafs) will enter into hell or heaven. In short, since soul is the essence of man, everything that is given in this earthly life is given to the soul, and so too will be the rewards and punishment of the Hereafter. “To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth.” Mankind is an alien controlled experiment. All religions were created by the aliens to give us a set of rules and regulations to live by so that we wouldn’t hurt ourselves. The secret government knows about this experiment but is hiding it from us. This experiment has something to do with the soul. The aliens refer to us as containers. The aliens are busy collecting the souls of the sixty million aborted babies since Roe vs. Wade with Planned Parenthood killing most. There is a cube on the Moon with an antenna. The antenna sends and receives souls.

The two mile high tower on the Moon may house the antenna.
When there is a major disaster like 911 the aliens send down giant soul collectors to recover the souls. From the assignation of Kennedy, from Forestall to the Anunnaki, everything has been orchestrated to keep this information silent, and those who do try to decimate it, usually end up dead. This is either by design or there is a fault with the cube. This cube falls right in line with what I’ve said before. Check it out.
Our Moon was towed here and placed in orbit around the Earth by a very large space machine. There was a time in the recorded history of man when the Earth had no Moon. The Moon has an atmosphere which contains clouds. The Moon does not revolve which proves it is artificial. US astronauts went to the Moon, saw all the alien machinery and structures and were told to keep silent about it by NASA.

John Lear says it is NASA itself that is doing the tampering with signals to the Mars rovers.. NASA knows that Venus is a normal planet just like Earth. Venus has beings that are similar to us. We already have bases on the Moon and Mars but for anyone to go there it is a one way trip. NASA knows there are spaceships in the rings of Saturn. If mankind gets too close to discovering the experiment it will be cancelled and started all over again. A sort of cleansing that happens on Earth every 25,000 years.
John Lear, a retired airline captain logged over 19,000 hours of flight time. He is the son of Lear Jet inventor Bill Lear and flew over 100 different airplane designs. John accumulated 17 aviation world records and claimed to have flown CIA missions in Central and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1966 and 1983.. John met Bob Lazar in 1988; the scientist/physicist who broke the story of Area 51 and the US back-engineering ET craft at S-4 near the infamous Area 51. Lazar and Lear made startling claims of an element 115 that powered alien craft; an element now proven to exist. In March 1989, Lazar took Lear to our government’s Rachel Nevada’s facility where they observed the flight of a flying saucer at the exact time and place Lazar said it would occur. Two weeks later, security forces caught Lear, Lazar and 3 others. The next day, Lazar lost his job over his breach of security. John Lear has lectured and learned incredible information about life in our Solar System; alien structures on the Moon; cities on Mars and even huge ET ships mining the rings of Saturn, and n much more. John Lear passed away in 2009. Thanks to Bret Allen

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