Friday, November 30, 2018

JFK Jr. predicted Trump’s run for president 20 years ago

In fairness, predicting Trump running was no big trick at all by this time.  He had the necessary public profile to do it plus serious business success behind him already.  That he would have to beat his way through both National parties was not predictable then.

I am more interested by the mere fact that JFK jr chose to run his show through Trump's facility as that indicates two things.  The two certainly knew each other.  And this is much more subtle.  the plausibility of the Kennedy fortune acting as a silent investor behind Trump is reinforced as one patronizes what one has an interest in.  Digging may show a lot more, but i also suspect that it was still kept off the radar.  Nothing to see here.

That old partner has rolled out a commemoration magazine which provides a full refresher on JFK jrs public persona.  Just in Case?

JFK Jr. predicted Trump’s run for president 20 years ago

By Keith J. Kelly November 3, 2016 | 10:45pm

Donald Trump and JFK Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr., 20 years ago, predicted the rise of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

Michael Berman, onetime partner of Kennedy on the launch of George, the political-pop culture magazine, recalled the prescient comments last week in remarks to note a six-figure donation he and his wife, interior designer Victoria Hagan, recently made to Elon University’s School of Communications.

In 1996, Berman said, Kennedy flew a select group of advertisers to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate after an industry conference in Florida.

Trump was in attendance at the smaller gathering.

As frequently happened to Kennedy at his events, talk soon turned to whether he could envision himself running for president.

Trying to deflect the presidential chatter, Kennedy noted that the Trump estate was far more glamorous than a Kennedy family compound a few miles away.

“I think you should be asking those questions of Donald,” Kennedy said, according to Berman.

“He’d clearly have the most extravagant winter White House,” the then-35-year-old editor-in-chief said.

Said Berman of the donation he and his wife made to Elon’s journalism program, “This year, when the premise of politics-as-pop-culture seems as relevant as ever, it’s time to encourage a new generation of aspiring journalists to challenge the status quo.”

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